Cold & Chilly winters call for a warm and delicious cup of tea. Ask a tea addict and they’ll tell you – nothing warms the heart more than a steaming, aromatic cup of Tea. With the cold winter winds, it’s natural to want to stay indoors, cuddled in with your blankets, sipping on a hot beverage and watching your favourite movie.

But, whatever the winter does this season, there’s every reason to be grateful for a warming brew – it’s the perfect antidote for a dull gloomy day. We at Sublime House of Tea have listed a few of our favourite winter teas to help you bring in the festive cheer this season.

Darjeeling Tea

Also known as the ‘Champion of Teas’, Darjeeling tea has a light, flavorful and a thoroughly distinctive taste. It’s considered highly desirable, not only for its great taste and quality but also it becomes available before the first flush teas, thus allowing connoisseurs to enjoy the harvest earlier than expected.

Kashmiri Kawah

This exotic blend of tea is made with fine green tea leaves, spices such as – cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and rose petals. It’s spicy flavor and wonderful aroma makes for a perfect drink for the cold winter mornings.

White tea with raspberry

White tea has a very refined, subtle but deliciously rounded flavour. This raspberry infused tea is perfect for the festive season – you can have it as an Iced tea Mocktail/Cocktail or as just a steaming cup. Trust us when we say – it’s like Christmas in your mouth!

Rooibos vanilla spice

If you’re looking to relax and cozy up under a blanket with a book to read, your perfect companion is a cup of Rooibos Vanilla spice. Enjoy the taste of sweet vanilla with a hint of cinnamon topped with a dollop of whipped cream and you’re ready for warm festive winter!

Ginger Mint

When you blend ginger and mint, you got nothing but health a nicely brewed cup of tea. Loaded with antioxidants and vital minerals, Ginger mint is the best beverage of the season. So stock up on some Ginger mint and enjoy the festive season feeling fresh and energetic !