Warm your heart and soothe your spirit with Assam CTC
Warm your heart and soothe your spirit with Assam CTC

October brings with it winds that hold the nip of winter and there is no better time than to sit back and enjoy a cup of wonderful Assam CTC tea. This robust and magnificent beverage which evokes the memories of gentle green slopes alive with tea blossom, is one of the finest teas in the world and much loved by tea enthusiasts globally.

What makes Assam CTC tea so special? Read on in this compilation of the best features of this wonderful brew…

First things first. To begin with, it is important to know how to make this tea the right way in order to reap the maximum benefits. Make sure the cup or teapot is half full with hot water so that the water can move around in the vessel. Roll the hot water around in the teapot or cup to make sure that the container becomes warm. Then, pour out the water and put the teabag inside. Add hot water and let the teabag infuse its flavour into the liquid. Let it steep for three minutes and re-infuse again to get a stronger brew. It is the presence of heat that brings out the beautiful flavour of this tea.

What is Assam CTC. The addendum CTC stands for Curl, Tear, Cut. During the tea manufacturing process the large tea leaves are processed in the machine through a series of cylindrical rollers with several sharp teeth that crush, tear and curl the tea into small, hard pellets. This replaces the final stage of tea manufacture where the leaves are rolled into strips. CTC teas usually produce a rich russet colour and a fine aroma too. It has a slightly bitter flavour that can be offset with the use of milk, sugar or any other sweetener.

As to why it is such a special tea, the reasons are many. Tea lovers will unanimously agree that since this brew is full of polyphenols, it can boost the dopamine in the areas of the brain that helps you feel happier, less stressed and more relaxed. Among the other benefits, Assam CTC tea checks issues of bone loss in elderly people and thereby protects them. It helps those who are fitness conscious to undergo difficult workout sessions with ease. This tea also knocks off additional calories and aids the body to utilise fat as fuel instead of storing it.

According to some studies, the anti-oxidant properties in this tea reduce the risk of cancer though this this property is still being researched. The flavonoids in this tea prevent the build-up of plaque inside the arteries and reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases. It is also a mild laxative and therefore helps in digestion. Despite the fact that it is a tea that can calm you, it is also useful in keeping you mentally alert and is known to prevent neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

All in all, Assam CTC is a special tea in more ways than one. It is a stimulant and a tonic too. During the festive season, when you are inundated with all kinds of heavy foods and sweets, take a break to sip on this beverage. It will soothe your body and warm your soul, and make you feel wonderful enough to enjoy the rest of the season with good health and cheer.

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