The Sweetest Memories Made With Love By Our Mothers
The Sweetest Memories Made With Love By Our Mothers

We have all learned the nuances of cooking shadowing our mothers in the kitchen for many years. I remember when I was a little girl, I would insist that my mum lets me taste a tiny bit of the curry or vegetable she was cooking.

When I would take the first bite, I’d imitate a typical chef, intensely appreciating all the flavors of the food. She would look at me knowing very well what my next question to her would be – “Can you explain the recipe to me?” I’d ask. She would describe each ingredient she used with so much detail only to find me later hosting my own recipe show with my dolls as an audience and the good ole kitchen set we all had growing up.

Like me, we all have stories about our mothers and the sweetest ways in which they have touched our lives. With Mother’s Day upon us, we reached out to a few sons and daughters to share their most memorable experiences with their mothers.

Licked the Platter Clean by Tessina Varkey

Amma and I have a 2 generation gap as I was born to her when she was 40 years. She’s a powerhouse of energy and strength, always putting her needs and wants at the very last, taking care of her 3 children plus 1 big baby – My Dad. I acquired my love for baking from Amma, helping her measure and mix the cake batter. Thereafter, licking the vessel clean and giving it back to her saying, “Now you don’t have to wash it at all!”

Cookies for fun by Abhishek Naidu

“When I was 5 years old, my dad once brought home a pack of biscuits from the US and when my brother and I opened it, we noticed each biscuit was interestingly shaped like an animal. We thought that was the coolest thing we had ever eaten but by the time we got to admire and appreciate the taste, the bag of biscuits were over. To console us, my mum decided to bake cookies cut to animal shapes and since then we’ve refused to eat any other biscuits – We wanted only the animal shaped cookies made by MOM!”

The Fast and furious by Sruthi M Arthur

“My mom is a very hardworking lady and amongst our friends and family, she’s known for her brilliant cooking. She didn’t follow any recipe but her biryani tastes better than what we get at a restaurant. I remember when I was a little girl, I would watch in awe at how fast she would cook a very tasty meal for the whole family. In fact, recently we both were in the kitchen trying to put together a big meal for a family event at home. I was in charge of chopping tomatoes and 15 minutes later she looked at how much I cut and shouted ‘By the time you cut one, I can cut 10!’ And here I was thinking I was a good cook but looks like I have a long way to go to become Mom!

Milkmaid stories – Gayathri Gopalkrishna

“When my mama would make desserts like Payasam or custard she’d use condensed milk which like most kids, my brothers and I loved. So whenever she used a tin, we would stand around the kitchen counter, each of us armed with a spoon and waiting for her to give us the leftover. She would leave a quarter of it for the three of us and we would poke our spoons in and then our fingers to make sure we got every bit of the milkmaid. There were times when the three of us would be left fighting for it.”

The Missing Chocolate Box – Niharika Vijayendra

“My dad once bought home a box of chocolates when I was a little girl and told me very clearly not to eat them till he’s back. Being the chocolate lover that I am, I opened the fridge and took one piece and then another and another and like that, I finished the entire box. When my mum found out, she knew there could be only one rat in the house capable of eating a whole box of chocolates. But to my surprise, she replaced the empty box with a new box of chocolates and since then I knew my mum always has my back, she’s not only my Mum but also my best friend.”

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