Hosting a tea party for a birthday, sleepover or even just for fun can be a big responsibility and there’s so much one needs to keep in mind – venue, food & beverage, invites, music and most of all entertainment. While we do put a lot of time and effort in choosing the perfect venue and food for the occasion, you’ll want to include some games to keep the guests busy and entertained.

When it comes to an Afternoon Tea party, we at Sublime House of tea have shared many ways on how to host a tea party, important factors to consider, foods best paired with tea etc., in our previous blogs. Today we share 5 game ideas to make your tea party more fun and interesting.

Teacup treasure hunt

Tea cups make for great decorations for a tea party, but one can also use the same to play a few fun games. A game of tea cup treasure hunt can get the kids up and going. All you need to do is hide a few paper cups and share a few clues to the players and allow them time to search for the teacups. You could fill each tea cup with sweets or candies as a treat for the person who finds it. The winner gets to keep the cup as a souvenir.

Passing the tea cup

The name of the game at first may sound a little bizzare but don’t worry you don’t need to pass around a hot tea cup. Similar to pass-the-parcel, the tea cup is passed around till the music stops. The last person to hold the tea cup wins.

Teabag Pictionary

This game is a bit challenging but still fun and we would recommend the game for adults. Write a few simple words in a slip of paper, fold them and keep them in a bowl. Divide your guests into two teams and have one member pull one slip of paper from the bowl. Meanwhile cut open inexpensive tea bags and spread it on a tray. The player will need to depict the word on the chit with the help of the lose tea on the tray. For e.g., if the word picked up heart, one can create a heart shape on the tray.

Musical Chairs

Yes the age old game of musical chairs is back! The game can get all your guests on the floor rushing to find a chair to sit bang on when the music starts. It’s a fun game and everyone will be huffing and puffing by the end of it, follow up with a refreshing iced tea and voila your perfect musical chairs game is a success!


There’s nothing like a classic Bingo or Tambola to kick start your party. A game for kids and adults, you can get everyone involved. It’s a simple game – print out different Bingo cards for each player. The objective of the game is to be able to scratch the numbers called out on your card either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The host of the party must announce the rules and prizes to be won clearly before starting.