who celebrated the festival of Holi, it was a time of rapturous celebration. They feasted on a surfeit of glorious gujiyas, sweet malpuas and fragrant kheer. They smeared colours and gulal on friends and family and sipped on bhang thandai. They revelled in music and dance and took part in every one of the celebratory rituals that marked this unique festival.

But now that the big day is gone, most people usually plan a season of detox as they prepare for the blisteringly hot days of summer that are ahead. Nutritionists say that a short detox regiment can eliminate toxins from the body, clear the digestive tract safely and promote health and well-being.

The best way to begin a detox is by taking out your tea cups and letting a gentle cup tea work its magic. Since tea is a safe and excellent beverage, it would be a good idea to begin a detox regimen with the right tea.

Here are some proven ways to detox with tea that have been compiled for you to help you feel refreshed, rehydrated and rested once more…

Cleanse the system

One of the best ways to detox is by sipping on green tea. The Sublime House of Tea offers a wide range of green teas that can aid in digestion and comes with the promise of optimum health.

The Green Tea detox involves incorporating several cups of green tea into your diet all through the day. If you don’t want to drink so many cups of tea, you could sip on a single cup of green tea all day to cleanse the system. Since green tea is full of anti-oxidants, it can remove the toxins from the body and help with a complete body cleanse.

Remember to steep the green tea well in water that is hot but has not reached boiling point. If you over-steep the tea, it could turn out to be too bitter and can lose its fresh flavour.

Soothe your body, calm the mind

If green tea is not your beverage of choice, you can sip on other teas to detox. The Moroccan Mint Tea is on top of the list of detox teas. The mint in the tea offers a traditional remedy for digestion and is known to calm all symptoms of colic or belly aches. A small cup of this tea is often believed to be like a dinner mint, as it can help you feel lighter after a heavy meal.

Another option is the Peppermint tea which comes with similar benefits. It can soothe stomach ailments, treat heartburn and help in digestion too.

Yet another tea that you try for a wonderful detox is the ginger mint tea from The Sublime House of Tea. The ginger in the tea stimulates digestion while the mint flushes out toxins, improves digestion and restores the equilibrium of the body.

These gentle aromatic teas can calm the mind as they relax the body. They can lift your spirits and create a sense of well-being all day. Use these teas as a part of your detox regimen whenever you feel that you are run down, stressed or dehydrated.

Get some sweet slumber

The final step of a detox lies in getting a good night of sleep. The beauty of chamomile tea lies in the fact that it helps you slip away into many hours of calm, tranquillity and deep sleep. It is prepared from the dried flowers of the chamomile plant and is believed to date back to the era of the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. It helps to detox because it soothes the stomach and aids in digestion.

Medicinally, it also helps in the treatment of migraines, cramps and inflammation. But it is best known for keeping away insomnia and no detox regimen is complete without many hours of restful slumber.

As you put away all the remnants of the festivals gone by and feel the after-effects of the days of feasting and excess, don’t forget to try some ‘tea-tox’ during this season. Only the finest teas can give you the best rejuvenating experiences in the world.
So, pour out a cup of tea, inhale the fragrance and let the detox begin…