As the curtains fall on an old year and 2018 dawns, crisp and beautiful, we are usually at our desks trying to create a new set of New Year resolutions. So what will it be this year? Will I be tidier? Lose 10 pounds? Eat less cake? Eat more greens? Or choose a new brew for my beverage cup?

One of the smartest resolutions to make this year is planning a life makeover. It could begin with making healthy choices in food or upgrading your wardrobe. You could decide to become smarter or sexier. All you need to do is to make one small change and go forward.

Why not begin by changing your brew of choice? Experts say that when you switch to tea, you can get ready to watch some dramatic changes unfold in your life.

To begin with, this flavourful beverage can protect your heart, your teeth, your digestive system and even stave off cancer. It is the brew that can help in weight loss, protect your bones, boost the immune system and offer anti-oxidant benefits that can keep you young much longer. Why would you go with anything else?

Here are some of the wonderful teas to try over the New Year…

Rooibos Tea

The rich and flavourful taste of rooibos tea will change the way you view tea. While some people find it fruity and slightly sweet, there are others who find that it has earthy and tobacco tones to it that makes it very mellow and delicious. This tea, which is often called ‘red tea’, is actually a caffeine- free herbal plant and since it blends well with nuts, herbs and fruit, it is used in combination with many flavours to make it even more special.

It is brewed by steeping it in hot water anywhere between nine to fifteen minutes depending on how strong you like your tea. This wonder brew has health benefits that are life changing. It can cure headaches, cure insomnia, help asthmatics, fight allergies and prevent premature ageing. Since it comes with zero caffeine and is low on tannins, it can improve the immune system too.

If you make this unique tea your daily beverage over the New Year, you will find that you are healthier and fitter than you have ever been before.

White Tea

If rooibos tea is too strong for your taste, then why not try the gentle flavours of white tea this year. White tea is made from the plant called Camellia sinensis and it is packed with polyphenols that promise excellent health paybacks. This pleasant tea is slightly fruity in taste and there is also a hint of floral flavours in a well brewed cup. Some people find it spicy but everyone agrees that is very enjoyable.

White tea is known to reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorders and helps maintain wrinkle free skin and excellent health.

It should feature in your New Year resolutions this year as the must-drink beverage every day.

Black Tea

If you want a tea that is stronger in flavour than other teas, you could try black tea and enjoy all the goodness that is packed in this brew. This tea has anti-oxidants and other phytonutrients that can remove toxins from the body and heal it too. Despite its caffeine content, it contains half the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. It can boost heart health, lower cancer and diabetes risks and so much more. It is also excellent for digestion.

Oolong tea

If you are looking for a brew that can sharpen your brain and prevent heart and bone problems, try the Oolong tea. This splendid tea is partially fermented black tea and is chock-full of vitamins, folic acid, niacinamide and other detoxifying alkaloids. This is a tea that is deeply relaxing and helps reduce obesity too. Above all, it is an excellent remedy for all kinds of skin problems.

A cup of tea made of the finest ingredients is what you need to make the New Year special. Why not make this year your healthiest, happiest year yet with the perfect cup of the finest beverage in the world!