When April showers breeze into the city with cool winds and gentle clouds, it is time to put those tall glasses of iced tea away and bring out your teapot for a hot cuppa of a delicious beverage. Why not try the White Tea with Raspberry this season, which is rich in flavour and chock-full of health and goodness?

It is the best tea to enjoy during the summer as it is not processed, does not contain any harmful ingredients and is created to satiate the mind and the body. Not convinced about the power of beautiful white tea? Here’s a compilation of its marvellous powers and endless benefits. Read on…

Tender Touch

White tea is the term given to tea that is made from buds and young leaves of the plant called Camellia Sinensis. It is one of the most tender and delicate teas in the world because it does not undergo much processing and is crafted with great care so that it can deliver its special properties to the tea lover. According to various stories that have circulated in the media, it is believed to have been discovered by an emperor who was very thirsty on one of his journeys and was given warm water to drink. He did not realize that a few stray white tea leaves had flown into his cup by accident. When he sipped the water, he fell instantly in love with the drink. He was so enamoured by the flavour of this tea leaf that he sent his people on a mission to find out the origin of the plant. Eventually, they found out all about the beauty of white tea and it became wildly popular in the years that followed.

White tea is usually harvested before the leaves of tea plant open fully, which is why the young buds are covered with soft white hair which gives the tea its name. The buds are handpicked and dried but not allowed to oxidise and this gives the tea its unique flavour and rich quality. The amount of caffeine in white tea is much less than any other tea, which makes it very good for health and can keep you calm too.

Raspberry Ripple

White raspberry tea from The Sublime House of Tea is even more special because it is laced with the fruity flavour of raspberries. This tea is therefore, loaded with sweetness even while the innate tartness of the fruit adds a delicious dimension to the beverage.

Goodness Unlimited

White tea with raspberry helps in anti-ageing due to its several anti-oxidant properties. It helps in maintaining healthy and youthful skin, offers natural hair nourishment and also for reversal of any kind of skin damage. It is known to help improve oral health, prevent cancer, control diabetes and fight obesity. Above all, it can improve your mood and offer deep relaxation when needed. As you continue to drink this tea, it is believed that your energy levels will increase, your memory will improve and you will gain greater focus in any task you might undertake.

Can I have a cuppa?

Making a perfect cup of white tea is a skill that needs to be mastered. Make sure that you begin brewing your tea with cold and fresh water. Bring it to a boil gently. Once the water has reached boiling point, allow it to cool for eight minutes. Plunge the white tea with raspberry tea bags into the water and allow it to steep for some time. If the water is too hot, the tea can taste too bitter and unpleasant. Drink it when the tea is just as strong as you like it and enjoy the beverage while it is lukewarm.

White tea with raspberry is a tea like none other, both in terms of flavour and power. Drink deep of this brew, and watch yourself become younger and smarter, and living the kind of healthy life you have always dreamt about. It is a tea that will become a part of your lifestyle, not just for a season but for many, many years to come.