Tea Recipes

Tea Recipes
7 Easy ways to make a herbal tea blend at home!

Herbal tea traces back its history to as early as 2737 BC in China, via verbal records, whereas, written records…

Tea Recipes: Green Tea & Orange Delight

It’s that time of the year again where we stay indoors, tuck ourselves in a blanket and sip on all things…

Tea Recipes: Summer Delight

Ingredients: Sublime decaf strawberry tea = 210 ml Fresh strawberry = 4 nos Pomegranate seeds = 3 Barspoons Fresh Lemon…

Tea Recipes: Winter Bliss

Season for warm cocktails has started. Make an interesting warm cocktail with this simple recipe and entertain your guests this…

Tea Recipe: Paradise Touch

Ingredients: Sublime Kashmiri Kahwa = 150 ml Fresh watermelon Juice = 120 ml Fresh Lemon Juice = 10 ml Honey…

Tea Recipe: The Gift

Ingredients: Sublime jasmine mandarin tea = 150 ml Fresh Orange Wedges = 4 nos Basil = 4 nos Fresh Lemon…

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