Tea & Calm On Rainy Days
Tea & Calm On Rainy Days

Monsoons, most will agree, have the tendency to calm and relax our minds. It’s a good time to stay in and go over all the little details of our lives. During these days, it always helps to have some quiet company with only the sound of the pitter-patter, and a tea lover would agree that no company is quieter or better than a cup of tea.

Having said this, we’re left with just one thing – which tea blend best compliments such weather??

We have here for you a few options that you might want to be sipping on while you choose to watch raindrops fall upon and caress your window in deep thought.

Ginger Mint

As the name suggests, this blend is the perfect mix of ginger and mint, a hot and cold combination that takes care of your body and immune system, keeping it strong to shield you against whatever it is the weather may have in store for you.

Kashmiri Kahwa

A mix of spices, nuts and saffron in fresh green tea makes the Kashmiri Kahwa a real winner if you’re picking out the favourite picks for monsoon. It helps fight stress and is proven to be especially useful to cure a cold, which you know you’re going to be prone to during the rainy season.

Rooibos Vanilla Spice

Rooibos Vanilla, a spoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon – it doesn’t get better than this. It’s perfect if you’ve a sweet tooth, but need to watch your weight. With rooibos known for its calming effects and the beautiful fragrance of vanilla, this blend has higher chances of being your favourite.

Assam CTC

If you’re wondering what CTC stands for, its ‘Cut, Tear, Curl’, a method of processing tea. The easier way to explain this would be that Assam CTC is basically really, really good quality tea. This means it comes with plenty of health benefits, and good health during rainy days is definitely something we’d love.

Darjeeling Tea

Known for its distinct flavour, Darjeeling tea is a favourite among tea connoisseurs. Coming from the fertile lands of East Asia, Darjeeling in particular, this tea is a result of several rainy days that have nourished tea plantations in the hilly areas.

English Breakfast Tea

Regardless of the weather outside, the English Breakfast Tea is, as the name suggests, a great option whether with your breakfast or as the first thing you consume when you get out of bed. A black tea, it’s comes with the all the health benefits of the same, which means kick-starting your day with this tea will leave you with raised energy levels and a stimulated and fresh mind. Perfect to help you get
through your day.

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