Sweet beginnings with a cup of Strawberry Decaf
Sweet beginnings with a cup of Strawberry Decaf

Strawberries remind you of summer, when the hot sun burns the earth, fruits burst with flavour and flowers blossom in abundance. The sky is the colour of blue oceans and with such near perfect weather at hand, you can plan picnics or just a simple high tea under the branches of an old mango tree. This time around, pack a pot of Strawberry Decaf to brighten up your day.

When you inhale a cup of strawberry tea, it is like stepping into a fresh, aromatic heaven. The scent is so vibrant, it will energize you instantly and take you to a state of complete wellbeing. Check out why it is so special in our compilation of all the facts of this glorious tea.

The source and origin

Where did this heavenly tea originate? The only teas consumed in ancient China were the green teas and the oolong or semi-oxidized tea. According to some legends and historical narratives, when an army took shelter in tea factory in the Fujian province, the production in the factory was held up. The tea was left out for much longer and they became more oxidized and this resulted in a crop of darker tea leaves. They dried these tea leaves by smoking them over pine wood, thereby creating the first ever black teas in the world.

The first black tea was the Lapsang Souchong—Lapsang meaning high mountains and Souchong meaning small leaves of the tea tree. The British and Dutch traders named it ‘black tea’ when they brought it back to Europe and England. Today, black tea is grown in China and in India also. Black tea is known to retain its flavour for several years. It is stronger in taste, more delicious than other teas and is arguably, one of the most popular teas in the world.

What makes strawberry decaf special?

While black tea is produced by oxidizing the leaf of the plant, Camelia sinensis, the decaf tea contains absolutely no caffeine. The decaffeination process removes not only caffeine, but also polyphenols and some antioxidants, but that does not mean that decaf tea is not healthy. It is rich in all the other benefits of black tea, like boosting your heart health, lowering the risk of diabetes, increasing immunity levels in the body and keeping your digestive system healthy. What’s more, it contains the rich flavour of ripe and juicy strawberries. It is said that the strawberry was first cultivated in Rome and was Emperor Nero’s favourite fruit, and ever since has become one of the world’s most loved fruits. As it does not contain caffeine, the tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day, either as an afternoon pick-me-up or an evening de-stressor.

Good for all seasons

Decaf strawberry tea is perfect as a fresh and rejuvenating during hot summer days. It can be sipped with ice on a sunny morning when you need to feel cooler and when the weather changes by evening, warm the tea to enjoy a hot beverage.

The Decaf strawberry Tea comes in pyramid tea bags, woven out of silk or nylon threads which allow beautiful infusions of the brew in a teacup. It offers optimum flavour, colour and taste and you feel like you are drinking a fruit, instead of eating it

Many people experience an energy boost when they have a cup of Strawberry Decaf tea, and it is so much better than sugary drinks and juices that sap your energy and make you feel more tired by the end of the day. Make Strawberry Decaf tea a part of your diet to enjoy its many textures and flavours and also to reap its benefits all year round.

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