Seventh Heaven tea brings ambrosia to the soul
Seventh Heaven tea brings ambrosia to the soul

September is poised to be full of stormy winds and rain-laden clouds, almost like the early monsoon days of the season used to be. There is no better time to sit back and enjoy the soothing sweetness of a good cup of tea and savour its goodness all day. And if you need a tea to transport you to beverage paradise, the Seventh Heaven Tea from Sublime is your best bet for the season.

New research has found that a perfect cup of tea can chase away the blues and bring in the winds of happiness into your life, but there’s some more good news too. Chinese researchers have recently found that the right blend of tea can refresh the mind, make you more creative and make the cognitive functions of the brain much more sharp than before.

Seventh Heaven Tea is essentially black tea with the flavours of fruit, and is chock-full of beauty and health benefits, and all the other fine properties of a distinctive tea blend. Why should you opt for this tea? Read on…

To begin with black tea which is produced by oxidising the leaves of Camellia sinensis and allowed to dry in order to release the moisture, is always on top of the popularity charts due to the way it is manufactured. As soon as the plants lose all the moisture possible, it is rolled and exposed to high temperatures. The level of oxidation determines the colour and flavour of the tea, which can range from deep amber to warm brown with golden tones. It is one of the most loved teas in the world due to its ability to boost heart health, reduce high cholesterol, boost bone health and increase your mental focus.

This tea is best known for the fact that it contains polyphenols that have anti-oxidant properties which can
revent DNA damage. This means that you can delay ageing and all its degenerative consequences by many years. The compounds in black tea, namely theaflavins and thearubigins are loaded with health benefits. The tea is strong, powerful, bold and delicious, making it one of the finest teas globally.

Among its many other health benefits, this tea prevents heart diseases and is known to reverse the abnormal functioning of blood vessels, thereby leading to decreased risk of contracting heart diseases. It is also associated with reduced levels of fasting blood glucose and as its polyphenols lower the glycaemic index in the body.

But the beauty of Seventh Heaven tea does not end there. It is also infused with a natural aroma and a wonderful fruit bouquet. The freeze dried tropical fruit that is blended into this tea makes it much more special. Many tea manufacturers add a hint of fruity flavour to black tea as it can be too strong.

Fruits like oranges, watermelon and raspberries are very popular in fruit teas but Seventh Heaven uses melon and other tropical fruits to give it an exotic flavour like no other. This tea is low on calories and prevents food cravings. It helps relieve digestive discomfort, reduces fever and nausea and relieves stress too. Some people say it is like a dessert in a cup, minus the calories but loaded with health benefits. Many of the fruits are also rich in vitamins that are good for the hair and the skin as well.

The health benefits of these teas can range from being anti-depressants due to the calming effect they have on the body. These fruit blends can reduce your blood pressure, prevent kidney diseases and give the immune system a boost.

Seventh Heaven tea must be prepared carefully. Heat water in kettle for a few minutes. It should not reach boiling point. Make sure you take it off the stove when it is around 85 to 90 degrees centigrade. Put the Seventh Heaven teabag in a cup and pour the hot water into it. Let it steep for three to four minutes till the colour is rich and dark.

Enjoy it at all times of the day, as it can pep you up and make you feel good all day.

So, the next time the clouds gather and you feel your spirits sinking and your cognitive functions getting weary, enjoy a cup of Seventh Heaven Tea. This beverage is like pure ambrosia for the soul; it can rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body for an entire season and through winter too.

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