Rose in Bloom
Rose in Bloom

As the last warm rays of summer fade away, why not sit back and enjoy a tall glass of beautiful rose tea on your balcony or in your garden. The Rose in Bloom tea, from Sublime House of Tea is as lovely as it sounds, as it contains an exotic mélange of rose petals, liquorice, fennel and aniseed. This exceptional blend of spices and flowers gives the beverage a sweet and elegant flavour. When laced with ice, this cool and refreshing drink can relax and rejuvenate you, unlike any other beverage in the world. Why is Iced Rose Tea so special? Read on in this compilation of facts on this tea…

It helps in weight loss

Ayurvedic medicine has always used roses in its formulations. Rose tea is chock full of Vitamin C, malic acid, pectin and citric acid, all of which can help you shed those stubborn pounds in the body. The tea is said to be a diuretic as it is packed with dried or fresh rose petals and contains other special ingredients to fight unhealthy weight. As the tea can keep your digestive tract free from infections and diseases, you will enjoy the comfort of a healthy gut and a more effective digestion of dietary fats. Since it is a zero-calorie drink, you can sip on Rose-in-Bloom tea to keep your food cravings in control and keep your weight in check.

It keeps the skin radiant

Since Rose Tea is rich in antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this beverage is a perfect tonic for good skin. The tea also contains products that can help in collagen production which can keep age at bay and also improve the condition of your hair and your skin. A chilled glass of Rose-in-Bloom Tea can clear all blemishes on your skin and leave you with a flawless complexion that is both youthful and gorgeous.

It helps the immune system

Rose-in-Bloom tea contains a good amount of Vitamin C, which can increase the immunity in your body. This will safeguard you from several health problems and combat infections in the best way possible. Whether it is colds, tummy bugs or other nagging ailments that plague you, sipping on Rose Tea can ensure that those infections are kept at arm’s length and you are at peak health all year round.

It keeps you calm and relaxed

One of the most interesting properties of Rose Tea lies in its ability to calm down your nervous system. Iced Rose-in-Bloom can calm the mind completely and boost your own happy mood. It has a tranquillising effect and is known to balance the stress and emotional hormones in the body. Since it has so many calming ingredients, this tea is often recommended as a drink to enjoy before bedtime, so that you can enjoy a long and restful night of sleep.

How to prepare the perfect Rose-in-Bloom iced tea?

Warm a kettle with pure water and let the water reach boiling point. Pour it into a bowl with Rosein-Bloom tea bags. Let it steep for some time till the flavour seeps into the brew and the tea cools down. Then, add some ice cubes into the tea and pour into tall glasses and garnish with a mint leaf or a wedge of lemon.

Rose-in-Bloom is a wonderful tea and a tisane that is full of special properties. Let this drink be your summer staple and you should enjoy the beverage, chilled and cold, till the monsoon clouds bring in the rains and we can get ready to choose from a new repertoire of gorgeous teas for a new season.

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