Pure Chamomile – 50g

Pure Chamomile – 50g


• Close your eyes and transport yourself to a floral herb garden filled with gentle notes of apple and mellow, honey-like sweetness in the air. With every sip of our all natural – Chamomile Tea, you get this very exact feeling. Splendid, isn’t it?

• Tossing and turning around at night? Tried everything to get a good night’s sleep? This pure chamomile tea is your natural saviour. Chamomile is renowned for its sleep-inducing properties, which have led to its nickname: sleepy-time tea. It’s a natural sedative and muscle relaxant, meaning it’s the perfect cup to drink in bed to prepare for a refreshing night’s sleep.

• Nature’s calming agent, the magical chamomile originates from Ancient Egypt. It is also found in temperate climates around the world, including India, South America, South Africa and Australia. Enjoy this claiming brew made with pure chamomile flowers.

• Vacuum-packed and sealed in an attractive tin caddie to retain freshness, Chamomile Tea has a shelf life of 18 months and makes for a thoughtful gift that packs the best of wellness, health and taste for your loved ones.

• Chamomile Tea contains no added sweeteners and no preservatives. It is dairy-free, vegan friendly and is best stored in cool and dry kitchen conditions.

• From the Prestige Group, Sublime House of Tea is a women-led business founded by Ms. Uzma Irfan and places superior quality and trust above all else. Rest assured that when you buy from us, you get the best of freshness, authenticity and health in your cup of tea.

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Hand plucked flowers and buds of chamomile, naturally grown and pesticide-free.

A zero caffeine infusion that is best known for calming anxiety and settling your stomach, the benefits of chamomile are widely known. Commonly had to soothe menstrual cramps or to unwind from a long day’s tiredness, chamomile tea is the perfect cup of pick me up your body and mind need.


Freeze Dried chamomile flowers




5.0 rating

Enjoyed the tea and appreciate the reusable nature of the tin too! It’s a permanent on my shelf

Vani Jayaraman, Bangalore
5.0 rating

I love the taste, it’s subtle and soothing.

Varun Galani, Delhi
5.0 rating

I’d rename this CALM-omile! That says it all.

Sakshi Kamath, Mangalore
5.0 rating

I ordered on the site and collected this tea in the store after looking at the sample. It is really just the flowers and works wonders for my acidity issues. I am glad to be avoiding pill popping since I have started drinking this tea.

Padma Raju, Bangalore
5.0 rating

Gifted this to a friend and she loved it. Beautifully packaged and delivered on time, I was even able to leave a note for her which made her feel so special!

Sanjay Nariman, Bangalore
5.0 rating

Beautifully packed chamomile buds in a reusable tin that I use to store my teas. I react badly to caffeine so this was a great find for me. It is SUPER calming and helps me reset like nothing else.

Shwetha Ravi, Kolkata
5.0 rating

Easy to make and so soothing after a meal – I have this post lunch and dinner every day and it leaves me feeling light and comfortable.

Rajiv Mehta, Chennai
5.0 rating

Helps me get over menstrual cramps without resorting to medications. A warm cup of chamomile is all I need to feel good.

Punya Hariprasad, Guwahati
5.0 rating

Bedtime is incomplete with a cup of chamomile tea from Sublime. Soothing and gently lulls me into sleep 🙂

Malini Nanjappa, Bangalore
5.0 rating

I first had chamomile tea during my travels to Europe. Since then I had been looking for chamomile flowers and was happy to come across this brand. It is exactly how I remember having it – thank you Sublime for taking me back to my best memories!

Rajvi Arora, Chandigarh
5.0 rating

The taste is really good and smooth.


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