Oolong Rose with White Grapes
Oolong Rose with White Grapes

Oolong Rose with White Grapes


Oolong Tea leaves come from the same plant as Green & Black Tea. The tea leaves are allowed to wither naturally, under sun, before being oxidized. The combination of the Oolong with grapes produces a taste so diverse that its flavour profile moves beyond the definitive scope of apt description. It is a taste to be savoured. You can try this unique offering from Sublime tea hot or cold.

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Tasting Note

Refreshing grapes gets a subtle rosy tinge

3 Easy Steps for Brewing the Tea

Heat Water in Pan for 2 Minutes

The temperature should be around  80°C

Put the tea bag in a cup & Pour hot water

Let it steep for 3 to 4 minutes



The degree of oxidisation imparts a nutty aroma & flavour. White Grapes are actually bright green in colour for the lack of anthocyanin that keeps it from turning purple! These are juicy, fruity, sweet & refreshing in taste.

Oolong White Grapes – Brewing Method

Steeping method for each flavour is unique, and essential for preparing the perfect cup of tea. Follow these steps to get the perfect flavour of Oolong Rose with White Grapes Tea!

1. Boil water in a pan or an electric kettle. Turn off heat and let the water cool down to 80 degrees Celsius.

2. Steep the tea bag in a cup with the hot water for about 3 to 4 minutes. Remove the tea bag and stir in some sweetener if you desire, or enjoy your delightful cuppa as it is!

3. Oolong tea is best enjoyed without milk.

4. If you are in a mood for a cool beverage, let the tea cool down. Add ice to enjoy the refreshing taste of iced Oolong Rose with White Grape tea!



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