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The tea comes from the native Maghreb region and is traditionally served 3 times to a guest who cannot refuse it as that would be considered rude. The first cup is ‘as gentle as life’; second one is ‘as strong as love’ & the third one is ‘as bitter as death’ – this is because the traditional brewing process involves keeping the tea and mint leaves steeped in the pot. The brewed concoction is poured out from high above to gently aerate the tea and improve its flavour.

Sublime’s Moroccan Mint tea is like a breath of fresh air on a sultry day. Green tea leaves are mixed with Moroccan mint leaves that grow in abundance in the region

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Tasting Note

Enlivening blend of green tea and spices with a golden hue. Aromatic, amply sweet and velvety in texture with notes of cinnamon, mint and herbs.

Easy Steps for Brewing the Tea

Heat Water in Pan for 2 Minutes

The temperature should be around 95°C

Put the tea bag in a cup & Pour hot water

Let it steep for 3 minutes


While brewing, the aroma this herbal tea gives off will remind you of cooking on earthen stoves prevalent during the yesteryear’s. Transcend to the world of health and romance with Sublime’s in-house blend of Rose in Bloom tea.

Moroccan Mint – Brewing Method

Steeping method for each flavour is unique, and essential for preparing the perfect cup of tea. Follow these steps to get the perfect flavour of Moroccan Mint Tea!

1. Boil water in a pan or an electric kettle, and let it rest for about 2 minutes.

2. Steep the tea bag in a cup with the hot water for 3 to 4 minutes. Cover the cup to keep the drink hot & aroma intact.

3. The naturally sweet notes of Moroccan Mint tea do not require additional sweetening.

4. In case you are making iced Moroccan Mint let the tea cool down before serving.

5. Add ice and a few sprigs of mint leaves for enhanced flavour.

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