Micro Filtered Honey

Micro Filtered Honey


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• It is mirco filtered artisanal honey that rich in nutrient values.

• This micro filtered honey is extracted with a superior collection process that retains all its antioxidant charm and the superior taste.

• The artisanal unadulterated sweetness is what makes it irresistable.

• You can add this honey to your tea as a healthy alternative to sugar.

• It is best used before 18 months from date of packaging.

NET WT 8 OZ (225g)

Date of packaging: Jul 2020


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Honey for the soul! That’s Micro-filtered Artisan Honey for you.

Sourced from the Western Ghats region in Karnataka, this Raw Honey comes from the indigenous Apis Cerana Indica species of bees.


Honey may crystallise since it is in its purest form. To thaw, place the bottle in warm water for a few minutes.


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