Methi Seeds- 250g

Methi Seeds- 250g


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• Methi seeds are characterised with a rich texture and golden-brown hues. They are rich in fiber and minerals, including iron and magnesium.

• They have been used since ancient times, all over the world for their medicinal benefits and as a flavouring agent.

• Helps to treat diabetes, control blood sugar levels.

• They help to lower cholesterol levels and control appetite.

• Best used as seeds and powder to flavour a range of savoury dishes, by adding slightly sweet, nutty taste.

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Seeds of the fenugreek plant. Natural and pesticide free.

Rich and savoury, methi seeds are abundantly endowed with a number of health benefits. They are rich in proteins, aid in digestion, promote good hair health, help in lowering cholesterol and sugar levels, and enrich your body with many more benefits. Include our range of methi seeds in your daily food intake not just for their healthy element but also for the delicious flavours and aroma it adds to your food.


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