Flower Fete – A Sublime Signature

Flower Fete – A Sublime Signature


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An organic and herbal tea made with the goodness of hibiscus, rose and lemongrass.

Historically, hibiscus tea has been used in decrease body temperature, treat heart disease, and sooth a sore throat. This tea blend is used to treat high blood pressure.

Recent studies have looked at the possible role of hibiscus in the treatment of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The heart health benefits associated with this tea are believed to be due to compounds called anthocyanins, the same naturally occurring chemicals that give berries their color.

Best brewed hot and cold, this makes for a perfect brew on its own or as a base ingredient for a mocktail or cocktail.

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A melange of flowers bring this zero caffeine infusion to life. Enjoy the goodness of hibiscus, rose and lemongrass.

Enjoy the magical blend of flowers with this zero caffeine tea that is sure to infuse some goodness into your min, body and soul. Naturally sweet and tarty with a hint of lemongrass, this tea blend is good for your health and would leave you wanting more.




Rose Petals




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