Desert Rose Black

Desert Rose Black


• A rejuvenating brew, this is the cup of pick me up you need on a sluggish day

• With delicate rose buds and petals infused in a superior black tea blend, we recommend this brew for a shot at enhanced immunity due to its ability to improve blood circulation

• This brew may aid the growth of good gut bacteria and possibly helps prevent urinary tract infections due to its detox and diuretic properties

• A cup of rose tea is an effective and soothing treatment for sore throats and symptoms of the common cold and flu. The tea’s Vitamin C content aids in fighting infection and eases pain

• Best brewed hot and cold, this makes for a perfect brew on its own or as a base ingredient for a mocktail or cocktail

  • 100 Gms
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An organic black tea from the Nilgiris blend infused with thegoodness of rose buds and petals.

This blend is characterised by the flavour of delicate, young rosebuds and petals infused with the full bodiness of black tea. Naturally sweet, this brew is most versatile and can be had hot, cold and with a dash of milk as well. The theaflavins present in this brew contribute immensely to boosted blood circulation and ensure that your skin remains hydrated and free from blemishes.


Black whole leaf tea

Rose petals




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