Camomile Infusion

Camomile Infusion


• The consumption of chamomile tea is known to boosts the immune system and helps fight infections associated with colds

• Studies suggest that chamomile tea inhibits diabetic complications by suppressing blood sugar levels and inducing satiety, therefore curbing the need to eat beyond one’s hunger

• Known to have sleep inducing and a calming effect, a hot cup of chamomile is soothing right before bedtime

• Acclaimed for its anti-inflammatory proeprties due to the concentration of flavonoids, chamomile tea helps manage menstrual cramps, bloating and related disorders effectively

• Best brewed hot and cold, this makes for a perfect brew on its own or as a base ingredient for a mocktail or cocktail

  • 50 Gms
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Hand plucked flowers and buds of chamomile, naturally grown and pesticide-free

A zero caffeine infusion that is best known for calming anxiety and settling your stomach, the benefits of chamomile are widely known. Commonly had to soothe menstrual cramps or to unwind from a long day’s tiredness, chamomile tea is the perfect cup of pick me up your body and mind need.


Black whole leaf tea

Chamomile buds




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