Blissful Blue – A Sublime Signature – 50g
Blissful Blue – A Sublime Signature – 50g

Blissful Blue – A Sublime Signature – 50g


• Imagine the sand in your feet, wind in your hair and the deep blue ocean that not just soothes your body but also your mind. What if this feeling is captured in a cup of tea and every sip reminds you of the soothing ocean blues? Our Blissful Blue Tea blend does exactly that!

• You know that time of day when you’re done with your morning cup of coffee or tea and want something that picks you up but doesn’t give you caffeinated jitters? This blend of mint, lemon and blue pea flower does just that. Simple enough but we can’t describe the wonderful calmative effects it has even if we tried. Three ingredients that work their magic, whether you brew them hot or cold.

• Blessed with magical properties, the commonly grown blue pea flower is native to India and grows without much tending. Lemon and mint need no introduction; they are kitchen staples, simply air-dried to bring a depth of flavor to the tea.

• Vacuum-packed and sealed in an attractive tin caddie to retain freshness, Blissful Blue has a shelf life of 18 months and makes for a thoughtful gift that packs the best of wellness, health and taste for your loved ones.

• Blissful Blue contains no added sweeteners and no preservatives. It is dairy-free, vegan friendly and is best stored in cool and dry kitchen conditions.

• From the Prestige Group, Sublime House of Tea is a women-led business founded by Ms. Uzma Irfan and places superior quality and trust above all else. Rest assured that when you buy from us, you get the best of freshness, authenticity and health in your cup of tea.

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A zero caffeine herbal concoction made by steeping leaves of the Clitoria Ternatea plant, with hints of lemon and mint.

Blue tea, or butterfly pea flower tea, is a zero caffeine herbal concoction made by steeping leaves of the Clitoria Ternatea plant. Packed with antioxidants, blue tea is a diuretic and is said to have flavonoids that may also stimulate collagen production to help improve the quality of your skin.


Blue Pea Flower

Dried Lemon Slices





4.0 rating

I was gifted this by my wife and though I am not a tea lover I like this tea. It does not taste like traditional tea.

Kaushal Reddy, Delhi
5.0 rating

Tangy, minty goodness. I would say if lemon is not your thing, this is not for you. I have two cups every day and add some honey to make it even better.

Purvi Dhanya, Mumbai
5.0 rating

Refreshing, energizing and uplifting. Cannot imagine my day without it.

Simon D’Souza, Bangalore
5.0 rating

During the lockdown, I needed some time to myself in between all the videos calls, cooking and household chores. Blissful Blue was and continues to be my go-to blend as it is the ideal pick-me-up.

Gauri Nagesh, Bangalore
4.0 rating

Part of my midday routine now, I steep a large mug of Blissful Blue at my work desk and it’s what keeps me calm and gets me to focus my energies on what’s most important – ME.

Meghana BN, Kochi
5.0 rating

Two words that sum up how I felt after drinking a cup of Blissful Blue – Destress and Chill!

Navneet Rao, Vijaywada
5.0 rating

My nutritionist introduced me to the range of blends from Sublime House of Tea. I used to be big on cocktails and enjoyed them but the empty calories they add started to take me away from my fitness goals. I swapped sweet mixers for blissful blue iced tea and the taste was INCREDIBLE. No sugar, hardly 2-4 calories and I enjoyed my drink a whole lot more. A complete guilt-free, tasty beverage. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Pooja Makhija, Hyderabad
4.0 rating

Picked up a tin after trying a sample at the store and I cherished every sip. It brews a lovely shade of indigo and makes for a rich second brew as well. Being a conscious consumer, I love loose teas since they get back to the earth and are completely compostable. I also plan on reusing the tea tin.

Chhavi Rathore, Chennai
5.0 rating

I’m not a tea person and here I am writing a review about it so that should tell you this is absolutely enjoyable! Unlike any other tea I’ve had. Thank you Mum for forcing this on me!

Shashidhar, Bangalore
5.0 rating

The name says it all. Perfect for those who enjoy the taste of lemon and mint. This tin now has a permanent place on my tea shelf.

Ramya K.N, Mysore
4.0 rating

This is the first time I tried this tea and really liked it. I was buying sublime tea for a long time. And it never disappointed me. Its a pity that they stopped the rose tea which I like most. I think I found another favorite.

5.0 rating


5.0 rating

Awesome range of tea blends😊! Loved the blue butterfly tea and organic honey.


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