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Assorted Gift Box


The Assorted Gift Box from Sublime House of Tea contains six varieties of tea, with 4 luxury pyramid tea bags each. The flavours Darjeeling Tea – Earl Grey – Moroccan Mint – Assam CTC – English Breakfast – Green Long Ding – are a burst of flavours and blends, showcasing the best of Indian and international tea traditions.

Dimensions: L 9″ * B 3.5″ * H 3.5″

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More about the box

Tea was considered an imperial gift in China and only the high priests and aristocrats were considered privileged enough to drink it. It was during the Ming dynasty that tea permeated down the class divide and could be enjoyed by the entire cross-section of the populace. Tea houses became a meeting point for people at all hours of the day and the tradition has been passed down from one generation to the next.

It is an ideal gift option for tea connoisseurs and is also a lovely way to introduce variations in flavours to those are yet to savour the best from the tea spectrum.

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