Oolong Tea (Health & Beauty)
Oolong Tea (Health & Beauty)

There’s a very small percentage of oolong tea made in the world, but the demand for this tea has increased with its popularity. The difference between oolong, in both taste and aroma, and other teas lies in how the leaves are processed, which lends these delicate, curled-in leaves their unique flavour. It also results in oolong being the perfect medicine for a range of health issues.

Oolong tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which are known for their ability to fight diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. For those who go out of their way to maintain good health, your routine is incomplete without at least one cup of Oolong every day.

Some of the most immediate and basic benefits of Oolong tea are listed below.


Skin care is crucial in your beauty regime. We always have a range of products to help keep our skin in good condition. However, what we take into our body plays a very crucial role in the appearance of our skin. Oolong tea is much higher in antioxidants than black or green tea. This would mean that consuming a cup of oolong a day will have amazing results on our overall health, which will eventually impact our skin. Introducing oolong to your daily diet will give you nothing less than beautiful, glowing skin.

Bones and Teeth

Oolong tea is high in minerals that help maintain bone and teeth health. People with osteoporosis would find this piece of news to be a big relief. Consuming oolong can help increase the mineral density in bones. The longer you consume the tea, the longer your bones remain healthy.
Stress and Alertness

Stress and Alertness

Oolong can have a positive effect on your mood, attention and overall brain function, which is a result of the caffeine and theanine content in the tea. Any working individual today would know the effects of long and tiring days. Staying alert and focused is a task, but you can take care of this issue with a cup of oolong. Its calming effect allows one to effectively rejuvenate and face long days.

Weight and Digestion

Drinking a cup of oolong a day can increase metabolism and, therefore, have very good results when it comes to losing weight. It also helps increase immunity and fights obesity. As it is partially oxidised, oolong successfully restores its antioxidant properties and is helpful in lowering lipid. It is not new that tea, specifically black and green tea, has its benefits and is a healthy addition to our diet. With oolong, we get a beverage that is more effective, making it a great drink for those who want an easy and good way to say fit and healthy.

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