Traditionally made by the head of the family, Moroccan Mint tea is essentially a blend of green tea and refreshing mint.

It would be perfect if you could travel to Morocco for a taste of this blend, but then again, you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home with some beautiful Moroccan décor and lighting, if you’re planning a tea party with a similar theme. After all, what better way to enjoy a drink that was originally made to be served to guests as a sign of friendship?

While the blend does come with history attached to it, it’s also one with many benefits.

Tummy’s Upset No More

Mint is known to aid digestion, but there’s more to it. If you’re someone having a hard time with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you will consider this piece of information to be of value: mint can help relieve some symptoms of IBS. Also, green tea, known for its medicinal properties, is high in antioxidants, regulates blood pressure and aids weight loss. So, if you’re looking for overall comfort after a heavy meal, know that Moroccan Mint, the popular blend of green tea and mint, would make for a perfect finish.

Minty Fresh Skin & Breath

Acne and greasy skin can be kept at bay with a regular dose of mint, and the best and most healthy way to do this is a shot of Moroccan Mint tea on a regular basis. The other big advantage of consuming this drink is it prevents bad breath. Beautiful skin and fresh breath – it doesn’t get better than this from a drink so simple to make and so freshening.

So, it is no surprise that a drink that has both mint and green tea would be nothing less of a magic potion for anyone with digestive issues and problematic skin. If you’re the kind who likes your tea to be sweet, a cube of sugar should be fine, but if you want it any sweeter, shift to honey.