As the monsoon clouds flit away and we enter a season that is a prelude to winter, how about a tea that soothes the mind and warms the soul?

Peppermint tea is a perfect antidote to so many ills. Did you have a stressful day at work? A crazy morning of utter chaos at home? An evening spent stuck in a traffic jam? Are your limbs aching with tiredness at the end of a hard day? This would be a good time to sit back, relax and enjoy some delicious Peppermint Tea and let its gentle restorative power wash over you. Check out this compilation of all that goes into the goodness of a cup of this unique beverage and see how much it can help you lead a tranquil life.

Peppermint tea is an infusion of the calming flavours of peppermint and is one of the finest beverages in the world, not only for its healing properties but also for its exquisite flavour. The aromatic herb that is the base of this tea has been revered for centuries, right from the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans where these leaves were used to create wreaths for their dignitaries. Over the years that followed, it became a digestive aid and as a cure for various ailments. The tea did not get popular in Europe till the 18th century and became a hybrid of watermint and spearmint that was cultivated near London.

Among its many medicinal properties, this tea is best known for its digestive properties. When it comes to stomach ailments the tea offers relief from tummy aches and helps to ward off infections in the gut. Those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome will also benefit from this tea as it keeps discomfort at bay. It decreases spasms in the abdomen and fights bloating too.

Many people swear by peppermint tea for weight loss. This beverage keeps you full longer and staves off those hunger pangs too. Another property of this tea is its ability to manage certain illnesses like colds, fever, cough, nausea, heartburn and motion sickness. Due to its anti-bacterial properties, it can help fight off diseases too. It also hydrates your body and is therefore a beauty tonic that can give you clear skin.

Another interesting use of Peppermint tea is to reduce cholesterol levels in the body by stimulating the secretion of bile. This, in turn, reduces the risk of heart-related diseases.

As a stress buster, there is nothing as good as having a cup of peppermint tea. This is due to its antispasmodic and sedative properties. Menthol is a natural muscle relaxant and this helps de-stress the mind too and give you relief from anxiety. It can also help a person fight migraine and persistent headaches because it acts as muscle relaxant that calms the nerves leading to the brain and eases the blood flow. The menthol content in the tea also helps you sleep better and is therefore, a good drink to have at night in case you have insomnia.

The best way to prepare Peppermint tea is to use hot water that does not come to a boil. Make sure the temperature remains at 75 to 80 degrees centigrade only. Pour the water into a cup and let it cool before using it with your peppermint teabag or leaves. Cover the cup so that the flavours can soak in. Let it steep for two or three minutes. You can sweeten the tea with honey or sugar as per your liking.

So, the next time you are looking for a way to relax your mind and body, don’t reach for a pill or a health tonic. Sip on Peppermint tea and watch those blues slip away