As summer bursts into our lives with its hot winds and bright blossoms, we need calming beverages to help us cope with the onset of the warm weather. Why settle for the empty calories of fizzy drinks and milky smoothies to stay serene? How about trying the cooling properties of special teas for the season?

Nothing is quite as perfect as Jasmine Mandarin Tea with its delicate flavour and soothing sweetness for the summer. Why should you try this lovely tea? Here’s a compilation of all the reasons why you should sample this exotic tea to add a fresh note to the season…

Jasmine, the wonderful white blossom with its heady fragrance that has been garden staple and hair accessory in our country for centuries, is a powerful ingredient when it comes to the tea industry.

Jasmine Mandarin is a green tea infused with the aroma of jasmine flowers. It unique taste and smell make it truly special and the way it is created and blended is an art in itself. Jasmine Mandarin Tea is usually prized for its sweetness and for the fact that it requires a perfect balance of flavour between the blooms and the tea leaves.

To prepare a cup of Jasmine Mandarin tea, use fresh and cold water and make sure that it does not come to a boil. If the water is over-heated, the tea will taste bitter and unpalatable. Heat the water till it is warm but not till it bubbles up to a roll. When ready, pour the water over the tea bags in a cup or a teapot. The tea bags can be steeped for 30 seconds or a longer time depending on how strong you would like the flavour of jasmine in your tea.

The health benefits of Jasmine infused teas are many and varied. To begin with it helps in weight loss as it is full of anti-oxidants which increase your metabolism and thereby helps you lose the extra pounds. The anti-oxidants a help detect and destroy free radicals and prevents serious diseases. It lowers blood pressure and reduces chances of stroke and the risk of cancer. This unique beverage can also reduce bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol in the body.

Jasmine Mandarin Tea is also known to keep you calm, almost like a sedative. It decreases the heart rate and lessens the stress in the body. It can keep you youthful and energetic as it has many anti-ageing properties too.

This special beverage is grown, hand-picked and blended with utmost care. This tea is one of the richest and freshest teas in the world that is gaining popularity by the day. It is floral, fragrant and flavourful. If warm tea is not something you want to drink on hot summer days, you could drink it as iced tea which turns out just as delicious and lovely.

This bright, crisp tea can be enjoyed, not only for its health benefits but also to maintain a tranquil state of mind every morning. This summer, let a cup of Jasmine Mandarin Tea be your go-to drink to keep you hydrated, calm and healthy all-day long.