Woody flavours with a kick of spice are being preferred by an increasing number of taste buds around the world. And it’s no surprise that tea infused with a wild range of spices is becoming a rage. Having said this, one such exotic mix is the Kashmiri Kahwa, a blend of green tea leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and even saffron strands.

Do justice to your Kashmiri Kahwa. Enjoy it!
The Kashmiri Kahwa is best enjoyed on a cold day, maybe with a bit of a drizzle outside. The warm spices bring flavour and joy to your palette, and if you’re the kind who adds some crushed nuts and bits of dry fruits into your kahwa, like they do traditionally, you’ll be greeted by a little crunch and bite every once in a while.

Note: Add some nut and dry fruits to your cup of kahwa for to thoroughly enjoy this beautiful drink.

Have you a ‘samovar’ yet?
For a fan of the Kashmiri Kahwa, it would be of interest to know that the traditional way of making this unique tea is in a samovar, a Kashmiri kettle. Charcoal and live coals are placed in a fire container placed inside this kettle, made of copper, and water is kept to boil in the space around the fire container.

No stress, more beauty
Apart from all the tradition surrounding this tea, the kahwa comes with a range of benefits, and is especially beneficial when you’ve a cold or a bad stomach. It also helps in digestion, making it a great beverage for after meals. As it is essentially green tea, it is rich in antioxidants, which comes with its fair share of benefits, such as relieving stress and giving you glowing skin.

The more you learn about this special tea, the more you want to sip on it. So, go ahead and get your box of the Kashmiri Kahwa because, with its benefits and stress relieving properties, you know this is one beverage you want to make a tradition in your home.