Jasmine Mandarin – Oranges & Blossoms
Jasmine Mandarin – Oranges & Blossoms

Green tea, as healthy as it is, does not agree with many palettes. This is the reason for many individuals avoiding it altogether. But what if there was a little flavour to it – Jasmine with a dash of orange, maybe. Fragrant white blossoms (sometimes referred to as the queen of flowers) and Mandarin orange infused in green tea, this exotic fruity and floral blend doesn’t waste any time in making you feel relaxed and oh-so-fresh.

Since it’s essentially green tea, it naturally comes with a list of health benefits, with a recommendation to consume at least one cup of this tea a day. Before we look into this, let’s start with how we can make ourselves the best cup of Jasmine Mandarin Tea.

One Jasmine Mandarin Coming Up!

The first tip is to ensure the water your Jasmine Mandarin tea is steeped in is not too hot. Else, it could end up being bitter, and then you’re back to not enjoying your ‘green tea’.

  • Bring water close to a boil in a kettle
  • Pour some water in a cup and steep your bag of Jasmine Mandarin in it
  • Leave your tea in for 3-4 minutes. Any longer can make the tea too strong for your liking, but
    go ahead if you’re alright with this.
  • Add sugar or honey to this, as required (optional). (Jasmine makes this tea naturally sweet)

Fun Fact: If you’ve made about 4 or more cups of Jasmine Mandarin tea, ensure that you don’t pour it into the cups one by one. Instead, pour it out in all the cups in a continuous motion. You may have
to do this 2-3 times, but it’s fun and worth it, as this will ensure the taste is balanced and each cup of
tea has equal flavour.

Be sure to really take in the beautiful flowery-citrusy fragrance and warmth of the tea before your
first sip. It just adds to the pleasure of drinking it.

Jasmine Mandarin Tea & Health

Green tea has the highest amount of antioxidants as compared to other teas and it also prevents cell damage. It is also know to improve blood flow and reduce cholesterol, which proves crucial in improving the overall health and lifestyle of an individual. Jasmine has been known to reduce stress by calming the mind and helping with sleep, and citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C and help keep cold and flu at bay.

There’s no doubt that consuming one cup of Jasmine Mandarin tea a day will drastically improve a person’s way of living and being. It’ll be your first step towards your good health.

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