Pumpkin, spice and everything nice – It’s that time of the year again where we surround ourselves with all things pumpkin and spooky! Halloween is around the corner and we at Sublime House of tea are so excited to share a few ideas on how to make your Halloween Tea Party a magical and mischievous one.

The ‘Hang with Us’ Invitations
“Where there’s no imagination, there’s no Horror,” so it’s time to get creative with those invitation cards. You can try printable cards or even email or social media invites for your party. Get your guests excited and share a countdown to your party!

The Spooktacular Decor
There’s no limit to how much you can decorate when it comes to Halloween. Whether you want it to be a ‘Witch’s Tea party’ or an old fashioned scary Halloween tea party, it’s left to you but make sure your decorations give your guests the right kind of scare. Place tea lights in multiple cups and place them over a Halloween table runner, get a customized horror cake and finish your party décor with Jack-o’-lanterns.

The Festively Frightening Drink
A Halloween tea party is not complete without ‘Tea’ ! For this we would suggest tea’s which give you natural colours such as red, green or Black. Try our Decaff Strawberry for a blood red colour and amazing flavor, for a green coloured tea you may consider the Matcha tea from your nearest tea boutique. If you need more colour you can always add a drop of food colouring. Remember not everyone will prefer a hot cup of tea, ensure you have Iced tea to go around.

The Freaky Food spread
Nothing says Halloween more than Pumpkins! Make a ton of delicious pumpkin based food – pumpkin scones, pumpkin pie, pumpkin petit fours and so much more. Aside from pumpkin there are many other food options that go wonderfully well with the Halloween spirit. Decorated cupcakes are a big hit at all Halloween tea parties, you can decorate them any way you like!

TEArrific costumes
Now that you have your menu and décor planned out, it’s time to consider costume ideas for your party. Inform your guests that they need to costume up for this tea party! If you have a particular theme like a witch’s tea party then align your costume and décor accordingly. We at Sublime House of Tea suggest you keep your tea party open to how creayive your guests can get with their costumes, whether it’s the Grim reaper or Frankenstein, allow your guests to show up in their favourite ‘Terror-fic’ costumes!

Last but not the least, Enjoy yourself! You have done an incredible job in planning and hosting a tea party so why not make sure you make the most of the time with your close friends and a delicious cup of Tea!