As spring showers drench the earth, why not get a taste of heaven embodied in a sparkling cup of tea. Seventh Heaven Tea, the gorgeous brew that infuses the delicious notes of fruit in a base of black tea, should be on top of your must-try list of teas of the season

What makes this tea so special? Why is it so good for health? In this compilation of all the properties that add to the goodness of Seventh Heaven tea blends, you will understand why this tea is so popular and why it is one of the finest teas in the world today. Read on…

Black tea, with its dark amber hue and its rich flavour is believed to have Chinese and Burmese roots. The tea plants that are native to East Asia get their deep colour due to the process of oxidisation. The leaves are oxidised much more than oolong, green and white teas, and are therefore much stronger in consistency, taste and health properties. Historians say that when Chinese tea growers found that tea leaves could be preserved for long periods of time with a special method of fermentation, they realised that they had discovered a new type of black tea, which was full of aroma and bursting with anti-oxidants.

Seventh Heaven Tea from The Sublime House of Tea goes one step further. Fruit is infused into the making process of Seventh Heaven Tea so that the brew contains additional fruity benefits and a dash of extra sweetness too. In Seventh Heaven, melons and other dried tropical fruits are infused into black tea. Since these fruits contain Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium, the health value is three fold. One of the ingredients of this tea is melon, which is a fruit that is known to keep blood pressure in check, help in weight loss and aid in the control of diabetes. Adding a fruit element to a tea makes it good for the body and perfect if you need a happiness boost too.

A fruit infused black tea like Seventh Heaven Tea is known to help in keeping the immune system strong and the body fighting fit so that it can ward off toxins. It can give you a shot of instant energy too, due to its sweetness, but since the tea contains only natural sugars, you can be sure that there is no weight gain when you drink this tea.

Seventh Heaven Tea is created out of very select high-grown Nilgiri black tea leaves that have been infused with freeze dried tropical fruit. The tea, therefore has a fruity bouquet and an aroma that will envelop the senses and lift your spirits.

Most black teas are produced from Camellia Sinensis in China but in India, there are a few other varieties of tea leaves that can be oxidised to make darker tea leaves. The benefits are countless as it can reduce the risk of certain cancers, increase immunity, improve bone strength, ease the symptoms of asthma and help in maintaining a healthy gut. As for mental health, these teas are known to relieve stress, promote a feeling of tranquillity, improve alertness and keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

Today, nutritionists and dieticians say that if you want to stay healthy, you need to begin your day with a cup of black tea. And when it contains a fruit infusion, like Seventh Heaven Tea, you get a cup that is brimming with flavour, health and sweetness.

As pre-monsoon showers lash the earth this season, protect yourself from the vagaries of the weather with a fine cup of tea. Why settle for ordinary teas when you choose the sublime? Look for Seventh Heaven Tea boxes, with their special pyramid tea bags to make the process of tea preparation simpler. The glorious aroma of this tea will surprise and delight you. As you sip on this brew, this beautiful tea will transport you to a new level of life, where mind and body are in synchrony and you feel healthy and refreshed all day long, and all through the season.