A basket of roses drenched in dew? A vial of sweet perfume? Or a box of beautiful, fragrant tea? Which will be the best gift for Valentine’s Day, as the winds of romance blow through the streets and bring in the season of love?

More and more lovers are choosing gifts that are special, sensational and carefully curated. The days of uninspired gifts like flowers and jewellery are slipping away as romantics discover the power of imaginative gifts that never go out of style.

The Sublime Tea Trunk for Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift for the occasion. Right from its stunning red trunk to its super-special contents, this is a gift that will be cherished by a receiver for years on end.

When you choose the tea trunk, you get a host of beautiful artefacts and edible fare. To begin with, you get an arty wooden tray that is exquisite in craftsmanship and design. This tray comes with a set of lovely wooden coasters to match. These arty wooden coasters are designed to be both functional and attractive.

The best part of the tea trunk is, of course, the tea. There can be nothing quite as exclusive and excellent as teas from The Sublime House of Tea that comes in a rainbow of flavours and fragrances. It could be the tender notes of strawberry or the full bodied sweetness of mandarin that go into a cup of tea these days, which is why there is no gift as ideal and exotic as a box of fine tea. The assorted tea box from Sublime offers you a variety of teas that you can sample and savour over time and share with those you love.

The next items in the tea trunk are the arty wood topped glass jars with rose scented soy-wax candles. These objects speak of love, warmth and joy. Get ready to bring in a mellow and romantic mood into a room with this set of special soy wax candles. These candles are blended with the fragrance of rose to make the occasion much more romantic and memorable. Soy candles are usually made entirely of vegetable oils and do not increase the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, making them very environment friendly too. What’s more, soy wax candles burn clearer than regular candles, are completely non-toxic and emit scents that are both powerful and

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, the Trunk offers a gorgeous box of Honey twigs too. These twigs are single serve packs of delicious honey that are full of the pure goodness of this superfood. Often called ‘honey-on-the-go’, these twigs can be carried anywhere and enjoyed without the fear of creating a mess around you. Instead of using a jar, this nutritious and sparkling honey is packed in tiny twigs than can be squeezed into your favourite beverage or drizzled over toast, rotis or anything else that you want to enhance in sweetness. Honey Twigs have revolutionised the ancient superfood, making it easily accessible and convenient. It is also, the perfect gift for someone you love.

All these divine products come within the Tea Trunk, which in itself, is a work of art. The Trunk is a stunning object of beauty with its shades of red and touches of gold. Its craftsmanship is intricate, right from the gold hasps and angles, to its smart finish. Red is often described as the colour of love, passion, romance and joy and this Tea Trunk with its red detailing will convey feelings of love and adoration with ease.

So, as Valentine’s Day draws closer, get ready to pick up a gift that will touch the heart and warm the soul. The Sublime Tea Trunk with its exclusive contents will do just that, making the day special, not just to enjoy for a moment, but to cherish for many Valentine seasons to come.