The days of watching a teapot come to slow boil and wrapping it in a hand knitted tea cosy to keep the beverage warm are slipping away as new and technologically advanced methods of brewing tea have come to the fore.

The beautiful pyramid tea bags, woven out of silk or nylon threads are by far the best, allowing for better infusions of the brew in a teacup. So whether you fancy the fragrance of jasmine, a swirl of camomile, a hint of mint or the vapours of rose in your tea or just a regular cup of aromatic chai, only a pyramid tea bag will allow for optimum flavour, colour and taste.

According to legend, the creation of the first tea bag was accidental and the story is often told about a tea merchant who wrapped samples of his tea in silk pouches instead of packing them in tea tins as a cost cutting initiative and sent them to his customers. When the customers received their tea samples in bags, they thought the seller had discovered a novel method of making tea. They dropped the silk bags directly into hot water and were thrilled to find they had brewed tea without the hassle of straining tea leaves and all the cleaning up. They placed large orders but were bitterly disappointed when they received loose tea leaves in tins, instead of the bags. It was only when they communicated with tea seller that they found out that his cost cutting drive had led to the actual invention of the tea bag.

There are many tales in circulation about who created the first tea bag and there have been many patents around it but the story of the tea merchant and his silk tea bags is one of the most popular legends that has been kept alive through the years.

Ever since the invention of the tea bag, tea experts have been experimenting with its style, beginning with the square and round shaped ones, the foil tubes, the pods to the regular string, tag and paper fibre envelope teabags that are everywhere. But latest research shows that the pyramid shaped ones are far superior. Why would that be? Find out in this compilation of the many discoveries in the world of tea bags…

A pyramid shaped tea bag with its characteristic triangular structure wraps around the tea in such a way that it ensures that there is ample room for the expansion of the large leaves of gourmet teas. The tea leaves have more space to move than in round or square tea bags. Due to the fact that there is place for movement, the infusion is far greater and more flavourful. The pyramid tea bag allows the tea leaves to unfurl and steep beautifully in hot water.

Pyramid tea bags are usually made of soft nylon strands that are spun into a triangular net that has much larger holes than a regular paper tea bag. Water can, therefore, flow in and touch a larger surface area of the tea leaves, releasing the fragrance, aroma and flavour of essential oils. These open weave bags have by far the best brewing power in the industry.

Though people were just happy about the convenience of using a tea bag at first, they realized that by changing the shape of the bags, they could improve the quality of the brew. Extensive research led to the creation of the pyramid shaped tea bag which was then found to be superlative in more ways than one.

Ultimately, of course, the quality of a cup of a tea relies heavily on the quality of the tea that is within a tea bag. Many commercial establishments try to make profits on tea bags by using less tea, bitter leaves, leaf dust and flavour pellets. The paper casing hides everything that is inside. The major advantage of the pyramid tea bag is the fact that it is transparent and the ingredients and the infusion can be clearly viewed by the person who is brewing the tea. Also, paper tea bags and round
bags allow only a partial diffusion and collapse into a shrivelled mass, often infusing the taste of paper into the tea. The pyramid tea bag remains intact and gives you a full bodied, beautiful brew.

The next time you need to choose the right tea bag, pause to think. Are you looking for a quick fix tea with artificial flavours? Or do you want to choose the pyramid tea bag that is full of aromatic tea leaves that will give you a cup of tea that is rich in taste, anti-oxidants and all the goodness of a brew that is well made and truly perfect in every sense of the word.