We see the word “bergamot” written in many places, such as perfume notes or ingredients in soaps and gels, but there’s one place it cannot be missed, and that’s in the world famous blend of Earl Grey Tea.

For those who are yet to taste this beautiful, quintessential British tea, the Earl grey is basically the lightest flavour of black tea with a hint of a fresh citrus flavour derived from natural bergamot (bergamot orange) oil.

Considered as one of the finer blends, the Earl Grey is consumed world over and falls under the category of black tea. While most of the benefits of this blend are similar to that of black tea, the bergamot in it helps in digestion, detoxing and boosting one’s immune system.

Ways To Drink Your Earl Grey

Unlike your green tea and camomile, Earl Grey can be had both with and without milk. If you have yours with milk, like the British enjoy theirs, make sure to steep the blend for at least two to three minutes. This ensures that you get the most in terms of flavour and goodness from your Earl Grey.

If you are used to drinking black tea without milk, then you can have your Earl Grey the same way. Just add a wedge of lime to it and some sugar or honey, which is a healthier option. Honestly, this is the best way to drink this blend, as this way, the flavours coming out of your tea are more crisp, giving you the real experience of Earl Grey.

What To Eat With Your Earl Grey

Tea time is so important, not just because of your tea, which acts as a fast-acting stress buster, but also because of the snacks that go well with your tea. It’s this combination that helps you get the most out of your tea time. So, what do you think would make a good snack with your tea?! Perhaps some lemon tea bread, to compliment the mild citrus flavour of earl grey, or some madeleines – a light, airy, pretty little cake, ready to be dipped in and enjoyed with your tea. Of course, some scones with cream and jam or a gorgeous honey and lavender cake is also welcome.

So, tea lovers…how would you drink your Earl Grey?