Here come the holidays, here comes the festival of sparkle and lights. It’s Diwali – that time of the year when families across the nation come home to be with their loved ones and light up their happy homes.

Diyas and fire crackers are what this Indian festival is known for around the world, but what really gets everyone going during this time is the food. Sweets and namkeens (savouries) are the fuel that keep the celebrities going. Full meals take a back seat, and it’s like tea time all day.

Did we say ‘tea time’? Oh yes, we did! Because there is no snack time without a cup o’ tea.

Despite all the flavours of tea to choose from, we tend to stick to one or two. Although, you may enjoy the other flavours if you maybe tried them with different snacks/foods. And what better time to try this than now – the festive season!!

Here are some flavours or types of tea that will compliment this Diwali’s sweet and savoury combinations.

1. Besan Sev and Shakarpara with Cranberry Mango Mania
Why would this be a good combination? Well, we think that the sweet and tarty flavour of the cranberry mango mania will help enhance the flavour of the super light basin sev, a popular Diwali namkeen. Apart from being a tasty beverage, the drink will also help with all the maida (all-purpose flour) content of the addictive shakarpara.

2. Murukku and Gujiya with Ginger Mint Tea
These two are among the favourites during the festive season. Gujiyas are basically sweet dumplings with a generous filling of khoya and crushed nuts. Isn’t your mouth watering already?! Serve these with little swirls of joy – no, not softy ice cream, but murukkus and refreshing ginger mint tea. They’re the perfect match to the sugary-sweet gujiyas. After all, too much sweetness can’t be all good.

3. Bread Pakora and Puran Poli (or Obbattu) with Rooibos Vanilla Spice
This combination can get a little heavy on the stomach, so it’s only right to accompany it with a warm cup of tea. The rooibos vanilla spice is more of an herbal tea, which makes it a healthy option when your tea time consists of fried goodies like the comforting bread pakora and puran poli, a sweet flat bread, or obbattu, a roti with a sweet filling.

There’s a lot more where this came from, but we’re going to leave it up to you to choose your food and cuppa. We hope you have a lovely Diwali, full of love and light