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We’re not always up to the mark when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Even when we think we’re getting it all right, there’s something we miss out on, or we take our own little “holidays” from our routines, and we’re back to square one. What if there was something that we could do, something simple, to take care of this. After all, they do say that good health has a lot to do with what we digest.

The answer to all of this is quite simple – a cup of tea. Not just any cup of tea, but a cup of earl grey tea. Sounds like bogus, but maybe just give this mildly citrusy beverage a chance, and you’d know what we’re talking about.

Here are some of the goodies you’re going to get from this tea that you’d never have guessed.


1. Better Teeth

Ah! That woke you up, didn’t it? Who wouldn’t want a pretty set of pearls? If you’re someone who eats a lot of chocolates, then pay heed to this: tea contains fluoride, an ingredient your toothpaste contains, which fights cavities and spares you that dreaded visit to the dentist. Also, it contains catechin, an ingredient that keeps away oral infections. Keep in mind that taking care of oral infection is one half of getting rid of bad breath.

Quite a bit for just one cup of tea a day, right.

2. Stress Buster

Stress is the worst and we’re all undergoing it. The result of it doesn’t just take a toll on our mental health, but also our physical self, especially our skin. Earl Grey, as you might know, contains bergamot that has aromatherapy-like qualities and has a calming effect on people who use it. Keeping calm and stress-free is a good way to keep those lines and tired eyes at bay, simply because you sleep better and are happier. It also has an effect similar to that of coffee. So, if you’re not so much into coffee, you’ve got the perfect alternative in Earl Grey.

3. Stay Hydrated (No, we’re not talking about just water)

Tea contains potassium, a very important mineral and electrolyte that helps keep our bodily fluids balanced. There’s no need to give you too many details of the benefits of a well-hydrated body. It’s just the best thing you can do for yourself. It keeps you feeling light and can make losing weight easier, especially with the citrus content (bergamot) present in Earl Grey.


Apart from all the tempting health benefits, Earl Grey is most known for its unique flavour and is among the flavours of tea that goes very well with a dash of milk. Just give it a try and see where it takes you. Oh, and, you’re welcome!

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Unlike other teas, white tea is also easier to acquire a taste for, as it tends to be a bit on the sweet side, is not bitter when brewed, and does not have an after taste. When blended with a flavour like raspberry, sipping on a cup of this tea can easily become your favourite part of the day. Being the least processed of teas makes white tea the healthiest beverage and the one that carries the most amount of antioxidants.

Having said this, for those of us who cannot wait another day to slip into a healthy lifestyle, this is the beverage you need to turn to. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Weight Loss

When you read about tea, this is a benefit that comes up everywhere. It’s no different with white tea. If you have decided to be health freak and are determined to fit into that pretty dress available only in a dress size smaller than yours, white tea is the way to go.

2. Digestion

A hearty meal does not deserve to be regretted, but most often, it can turn out to be troublesome. The easiest and most effective way to ensure you feel better is to make yourself a small cup of white tea and cranberry. White tea is known to help aid digestion and relieve stress.

3. Better Lifestyle

With all the benefits that one gets from consuming white tea, it is no surprise that the lifestyle of the individual will automatically improve. With a better lifestyle, one is more productive and less stressed in both their personal and professional lives.

Making white tea an integral part of your everyday life is the best change you can make for yourself.  It could be the key to living a happier life, with fewer health issues and an altogether active lifestyle.

You can also refer to the image below to get a better idea about the benefits of white tea.

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Quality tea that is a good crushing of dried rose petals for that familiar scent and flavour – that’s got to be the prettiest tea, rather tisane, you ever had. And with a touch of warm or fragrant spices, the flavours of your rose tea could be taken to new levels. It’s quite simple to make this oh-so-comforting tea, actually. It’s available in delicate sachets, a blend that includes flavours like liquorice, fennel and aniseed, or you could make your tea using petals from the most fresh, sweet-smelling

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