The days are getting shorter but the nights are long and pleasant with cool north winds fanning the warmth of summer away. Why not add to the cozy mood of the season with a cup of Green Long Ding tea. This wonderful beverage that is clear and light can look like a cup of sunshine on your breakfast table or like a mug of molten gold after dinner.

What makes this tea special? Read on, in this compilation of all that makes it beautiful and beneficial.

Green Long Ding is an elegant and timeless tea which is a favourite among tea lovers, as it is created out of the most tender leaves of a crop and comes with an aroma that can invigorate the senses. The champagne like liquor of Green Long Ding is delicious, as it manages to combine the smoothness of fine tea with the flavours of sweet grass and succulent fruit. What’s more, the tea is bright and lovely too, so its gorgeous taste can add a spring to your step and energy through the day.

What is Green Long Ding?

The word ‘long’ in Green Long Ding means ‘dragon’ and “ding” means top, which perhaps refers to the production area of the tea. In Chinese, rivers are sometimes referred to as ‘dragons’ and it is around these regions that this tea was first developed. The original Long Ding Tea was produced in Kailua county where the soil is soft, loose and rich. It is this wonderful soil that gave the tea its superb flavour. However, now the tea is grown in tea estates in other countries too. It is one of the top ten most preferred teas in the world.

Benefits of the tea


Have you been feeling out of sorts because the year is coming to an end? Or are you worn out with all the end-of-the-year work that seems to be piling up by the day? Sip on some Green Long Ding tea to soothe your cares away. The amino acids in the tea has a calming effect on those who drink this beverage. People who love this tea report that they feel mellow and destressed as soon as they begin to sip on a cup of Green Long Ding.


The number of ailments that Green Long Ding tea can help you fight is mind-boggling. The unique anti-oxidants in the tea offer protection from a vast spectrum of diseases. It is known to fight tumours and cancer, combat different kinds of viruses and bacteria and help you lower the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. This tea can help fight inflammation in the body too.

And there’s more

The long and elegant leaves of the Green Long Ding tea is known to help you keep your weight down as it can increase your metabolism. It can also help strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. It helps in bone health, keeping your bones strong and not susceptible to breakage.

How do you brew Green Long Ding?

Ardent lovers of this tea recommend that you brew the beverage in glass based or porcelain containers. The cups and the teapot should be rinsed with hot water before making this tea. The water should be boiled to 70 or 80 degrees centigrade. Steep the tea bags into this tea for a minute but steep it for a longer time if you want the tea to be stronger.

Now, sit back and enjoy!

In these times of pursuing a healthy life style, indulge in a tea like Green Long Ding. Its many health benefits will keep you immune to ailments while its many special properties will keep you more calm, more supple and more energetic than you have ever been before.

Above all, let its glorious aroma light up your winter days and make them truly special