Golden, green, black, red, white – we’ve heard of all these types of tea – even pink (think rose). As much as we love them, considering their amazing health benefits, we’re quite used to seeing them around. But there’s’ still one type of tea, one that’s becoming a fad among tea lovers, that’s still been a little shy – the beautiful Blue Tea.

This royal blue tea is also called Butterfly-pea flower tea, as it is extracted from the mentioned flower. The sweet and floral tea will make you tea time a unique affair every time you consume a little cup. What’s even better, is that this tea is caffeine-free, making it a great choice for health conscious consumers.

Health Benefits

The antioxidant properties of this tea will benefit the health of your skin and hair. Antioxidants are also helpful in reducing levels of stress and anxiety. Yes, we’re saying Blue Tea helps keep the blues at bay!!

It also helps regulate diabetes, and controls the sugar levels of individuals with diabetes.

Did you know?

Blue tea can be so much fun! While it is blue in colour in its most natural state, the colour of the tea turns to purple when you add just a hint of lime to it. We understand your excitement here. It’s like magic!

The little joys of this tea don’t stop here. Try adding a little bit of the fuchsia roselle hibiscus, and you’ll have that brilliant blue turn to a bright red.

I know! It’s more than what we’d expect from tea

What you read here, is what you need to know for now about Blue tea. For us, it our next favourite poison. But we’d love to know of your experience after consuming this tea.

Stop your usual green and black tea right now, and get yourself the prettiest shade of blue to fill your tea cup. You won’t regret it.