Binding Finesse and Flavours
Binding Finesse and Flavours

“Tea is more than an idealization of the form of drinking, it is a religion of the art of life.”

– Kakuzo Okakura

Brewed roughly 5000 years ago, this ever refreshing and revitalising elixir has undoubtedly earned the title of the most preferred beverage around the world. Forming a rich association with cultures, traditions and people to form a sacred ritual since the ancient times, every cup of tea is a celebration of relationships, the catalyst speeding up the bonding process and a glue holding these bonds together.

The entire spectrum of tea has witnessed an elegant evolution in terms of newer blends, flavours and instilled sophistication. Enjoyed equally across all statures of society, any time of the day and on any occasion, this favoured beverage has inculcated a style statement associated with fine living and intertwined its way in people’s heart and life, cultivating its own exclusive sect of revered followers.

To celebrate this glorious tradition and to serve the unique taste buds of a tea loving nation like India, Sublime House of Tea took birth, with the aim to refine, and familiarize the Indian tea enthusiasts about the rich diversity and indulgence of this culture.

Sublime House of Tea resonates with the acknowledgement of ‘Tea Drinking’ as a beautiful art, from the time it is brewed till it is consumed, a sensory experience calling for a finer sensibility that distinguishes every variety and blend of tea. To cater to this cause, each range has been sourced with utmost care to superior quality. Along with the staple blends, Sublime also brings you some exclusive infusions in limited volumes to bring diversity in your routine, hypnotising your senses with fragrant aromas and rich flavours.

Join Sublime in their journey and try out their plethora of offerings, including the most cherished and soothing blue butterfly and white sparkle tea, our range of spices and newly launched organic honey. Discover the specific health benefits associated with each unique blend. All it entails is to brew the rich blend, breathe in the distinct aroma and savour the subtle flavours to embrace this diverse and multi-faceted world of Sublime House of Tea.



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