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A hint of vanilla, a touch of spice and some glorious Rooibos

It is that time of the year when the deep grey clouds roll in from the Arabian Sea, laden with rain and dense with vapour. Gone are the blue skies of summer and the serenity of calm days. Suddenly, the air is full of turbulence and powerful winds, and it is time to soothe the nerves with a cup of warm tea. Instead of opting for your regular cuppa, why not try the super-beverage in town, the RoobiosVanilla Spice.

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Come summer and the Camomile flower blooms, bright and golden like the sun, sweet and smoky in fragrance and soft and delicate in texture. When the beautiful blossoms are gathered together and dried in warm sunlight, they transform into the tisane that is loved by tea aficionados all over the world. The wonderful, caffeine-free tea, created out of the dried flowers, can lull you into serenity and invoke the gods of slumber, due to the flavonoid, chrysin that is found in the plant. What’s more, it is also packed with anti-oxidants and curative properties that can gently transform the body and soothe the soul. Want a health makeover this season? Check out the many wonders of Camomile in this compilation of all its unique properties…

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