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We’re not always up to the mark when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Even when we think we’re getting it all right, there’s something we miss out on, or we take our own little “holidays” from our routines, and we’re back to square one. What if there was something that we could do, something simple, to take care of this. After all, they do say that good health has a lot to do with what we digest.

The answer to all of this is quite simple – a cup of tea. Not just any cup of tea, but a cup of earl grey tea. Sounds like bogus, but maybe just give this mildly citrusy beverage a chance, and you’d know what we’re talking about.

Here are some of the goodies you’re going to get from this tea that you’d never have guessed.


1. Better Teeth

Ah! That woke you up, didn’t it? Who wouldn’t want a pretty set of pearls? If you’re someone who eats a lot of chocolates, then pay heed to this: tea contains fluoride, an ingredient your toothpaste contains, which fights cavities and spares you that dreaded visit to the dentist. Also, it contains catechin, an ingredient that keeps away oral infections. Keep in mind that taking care of oral infection is one half of getting rid of bad breath.

Quite a bit for just one cup of tea a day, right.

2. Stress Buster

Stress is the worst and we’re all undergoing it. The result of it doesn’t just take a toll on our mental health, but also our physical self, especially our skin. Earl Grey, as you might know, contains bergamot that has aromatherapy-like qualities and has a calming effect on people who use it. Keeping calm and stress-free is a good way to keep those lines and tired eyes at bay, simply because you sleep better and are happier. It also has an effect similar to that of coffee. So, if you’re not so much into coffee, you’ve got the perfect alternative in Earl Grey.

3. Stay Hydrated (No, we’re not talking about just water)

Tea contains potassium, a very important mineral and electrolyte that helps keep our bodily fluids balanced. There’s no need to give you too many details of the benefits of a well-hydrated body. It’s just the best thing you can do for yourself. It keeps you feeling light and can make losing weight easier, especially with the citrus content (bergamot) present in Earl Grey.


Apart from all the tempting health benefits, Earl Grey is most known for its unique flavour and is among the flavours of tea that goes very well with a dash of milk. Just give it a try and see where it takes you. Oh, and, you’re welcome!

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It’s easy to enjoy a beverage like tea, actually, and even easier to enjoy a blend that’s been named after… well, a hero?! If you’re still wondering what blend we’re talking about, it’s Earl Grey Tea, which is essentially black tea, but with a squeeze of fresh bergamot.

According to the story, Earl Charles Grey, one of England’s Prime Ministers in the 1800s, had once saved a drowning boy in China, who happened to be the son of a local tea blender. To thank the Prime Minister, the man named one of his secret blends, what we call Earl Grey Tea today, after him. Heroic, you’d say, but it’s not really known if the story is entirely true. Honestly, it’s not even known if Earl Grey ever visited China in the first place.

However, even if the said story isn’t true, there’s more this man did that etched his name in history. During his term as Prime Minister, in 1833 to be more precise, Earl Grey became the man responsible for abolishing slavery in England. Considering the events of the time, it’s good enough reason to have his name fondly mentioned in history, and even have a tea blend named after him.

Makes you look at Earl Grey tea differently, doesn’t it? We bet you’re going to want to sip on this unique blend a lot more now, especially when you’ve got a fancy afternoon tea session planned.

Now that’s another “Did you know?” when it comes to Earl Grey tea. If you’re someone who loves tea time, then it’ll do you good to know that Earl Grey is often considered a blend best suited for afternoon tea or high tea. Just imagine it – little sandwiches, scones, petit fours, and cupcakes – all your mini loves with your favourite cup of tea!

So, now you know what you’re going to do for the next weekend. If we were you, we’d start sending our invitations for afternoon tea already.

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A great day begins with a fine cup a tea, so why not kick off the festive season with a beverage that is often called the ‘champagne of teas.’ This beautifully flavoured tea, that is sourced from the gentle heartland of Darjeeling has a unique aroma and taste, and is the pride of our country. Available as black, green, oolong and white teas, Darjeeling tea is famous for its fruity flavour and distinctive taste which comes from the growing conditions exclusive to this region.

This mild and subtle tea, with its spicy aftertaste is a great favourite among connoisseurs of tea, and people also love it also for its musky sweetness. But what makes this tea stand taller than any other beverage in the world? Read on to understand the tea better in this compilation of reasons as to why this tea should be on top of your must-have list this season…

It keeps you strong and healthy

Since Darjeeling tea contains several important anti-oxidants, you get more than just a delicious beverage when you drink this tea. It helps the body fight off free radicals and helps reduce oxidative stress, thereby reducing cellular damage. The anti-oxidants in this tea can also prevent cellular mutation which can lead to certain types of cancer. Black, oolong, green and white teas all possess powerful antioxidants which offer protective and curative properties.

It keeps you slim and sensational

Darjeeling tea can help you lose weight, mainly due to its caffeine component. This ingredient can stimulate the metabolism which will increase fat and calorie burn, that eventually leads to weight loss. Darjeeling green is known to block the absorption of fat and even helps you shed those extra pounds. Some years ago, Japanese researchers identified two tea compounds, theaflavins and thearubigins, that led to slow weight gain in rats fed a highfat. More studies on this tea by Chinese researchers revealed another compound in tea, called catechins, that also contributes to increased weight loss

It keeps you calm, but alert

Since Darjeeling tea contains caffeine, which can immediately give you an energy boost, and yet due to certain ingredients, this tea can also reduce the stress hormone, cortisol in the body. This acts like a natural stress reliever. It is also believed that this tea can reduce blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It improves your gut health

Ever since scientists have discovered that our well being and happiness is primarily linked to our gut, the studies on tea improving gut health has increased by leaps and bounds.

Darjeeling black tea stimulates the proliferation of various good gut bacteria and fights off the bacteria that can cause infections in your stomach. A number of studies have shown that the risk of gastric ulcers is reduced when you drink this tea. It also helps in the process of digestion in the body.

How do you brew this tea?

Pre-heat your teapot and teacup with a little hot water. Pour pure cold water into the teapot and boil the water to 85 degrees centigrade. Steep the teabags for three to five minutes till you are satisfied with the intensity of the colour. Studies show that it is best to consume Darjeeling tea two hours before or after a meal for optimum benefits.

As cold December winds blow through our part of the world, let the beauty and goodness of Darjeeling tea warm your body and your heart. It is the best way to enjoy the season and look towards the new year with renewed energy and a dose of pure happiness.

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Imagine waking up to the sweet, rich smell of the jasmine blossom with its buds in bloom and its alluring fragrance surrounding you in a gentle haze. You get up, walk to your dining table and find out that the scent is emerging, not from the vase on your dresser, but a delicious cup of Jasmine Mandarin Tea that is waiting for you.

When you inhale the aroma of a warm cup of Jasmine Mandarin Tea, one of two things can happen to you. You may drift away on its cloud of beautiful mandarin and jasmine scents into a world of dreams or you might find yourself enveloped in a mantle of happy calm. Either way, it is the best way to begin your day.

Why is this tea so unique? Find out in this compilation of the best and most special aspects of this special beverage.

Origins of Jasmine Mandarin Tea

The jasmine plant is believed to have been introduced into China from eastern South Asia via India during the Han dynasty but it was only infused into tea around the fifth century. The tea is created these days through a labour intensive process which involves the release of the jasmine and mandarin fragrance and absorption of the fragrance by the tea. So, whenever you drink a cup of this tea, it is a unique experience, rich in history and complicated in its craftsmanship.

Benefits of this aromatic tea

One of the most important aspects of Jasmine Tea and why it is so loved across the world is due to its weight control properties. This is due to the antioxidants it contains which increase your metabolism and allows the absorption of nutrients which in turn, helps in weight loss.

The antioxidants also have other ways to help you. It boosts your immune system, thereby protecting you from diseases around you. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, you are also protected from ailments and chronic diseases in the best way possible.

Studies show that this tea helps in preventing cancer and controlling diabetes. It can help you lead a less stressful life due to its fragrance which is almost like a tranquilliser.

The tea has anti-bacterial properties which provide a defence against bacterial infections. It can also provide relief from colds, coughs and throat infections.

This wonderful tea is full of polyphenolic compounds with catechins. These ingredients can improve gastric health, aid in better digestion and help prevent gastrointestinal forms of cancer.

Brewing the beverage

The important aspect of brewing Jasmine Mandarin tea is the time involved in steeping the tea.

If you steep the tea bags for too long, the tea can become very bitter. Boil the water in a kettle only for up to 80 degrees centigrade. In case the water heats to boiling point, let it cool till it is less warm as the aroma of the teabags is released best in water that is not too hot. Some people even use a thermometer to get the temperature just right. Pre-heat your teacup, so that the tea is still warm enough to drink. Steep the tea bags for about 30 seconds or a little longer. Your tea is now done.

Enjoy the goodness of a fine tea

Don’t miss the excellent flavours of Jasmine Mandarin Tea from the Sublime House of Tea. They have been made with premium green tea leaves and is a highly aromatic, beautiful beverage. It is the kind of tea that can warm the soul and calm your heart all year round.

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The days are getting shorter but the nights are long and pleasant with cool north winds fanning the warmth of summer away. Why not add to the cozy mood of the season with a cup of Green Long Ding tea. This wonderful beverage that is clear and light can look like a cup of sunshine on your breakfast table or like a mug of molten gold after dinner.

What makes this tea special? Read on, in this compilation of all that makes it beautiful and beneficial.

Green Long Ding is an elegant and timeless tea which is a favourite among tea lovers, as it is created out of the most tender leaves of a crop and comes with an aroma that can invigorate the senses. The champagne like liquor of Green Long Ding is delicious, as it manages to combine the smoothness of fine tea with the flavours of sweet grass and succulent fruit. What’s more, the tea is bright and lovely too, so its gorgeous taste can add a spring to your step and energy through the day.

What is Green Long Ding?

The word ‘long’ in Green Long Ding means ‘dragon’ and “ding” means top, which perhaps refers to the production area of the tea. In Chinese, rivers are sometimes referred to as ‘dragons’ and it is around these regions that this tea was first developed. The original Long Ding Tea was produced in Kailua county where the soil is soft, loose and rich. It is this wonderful soil that gave the tea its superb flavour. However, now the tea is grown in tea estates in other countries too. It is one of the top ten most preferred teas in the world.

Benefits of the tea


Have you been feeling out of sorts because the year is coming to an end? Or are you worn out with all the end-of-the-year work that seems to be piling up by the day? Sip on some Green Long Ding tea to soothe your cares away. The amino acids in the tea has a calming effect on those who drink this beverage. People who love this tea report that they feel mellow and destressed as soon as they begin to sip on a cup of Green Long Ding.


The number of ailments that Green Long Ding tea can help you fight is mind-boggling. The unique anti-oxidants in the tea offer protection from a vast spectrum of diseases. It is known to fight tumours and cancer, combat different kinds of viruses and bacteria and help you lower the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. This tea can help fight inflammation in the body too.

And there’s more

The long and elegant leaves of the Green Long Ding tea is known to help you keep your weight down as it can increase your metabolism. It can also help strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. It helps in bone health, keeping your bones strong and not susceptible to breakage.

How do you brew Green Long Ding?

Ardent lovers of this tea recommend that you brew the beverage in glass based or porcelain containers. The cups and the teapot should be rinsed with hot water before making this tea. The water should be boiled to 70 or 80 degrees centigrade. Steep the tea bags into this tea for a minute but steep it for a longer time if you want the tea to be stronger.

Now, sit back and enjoy!

In these times of pursuing a healthy life style, indulge in a tea like Green Long Ding. Its many health benefits will keep you immune to ailments while its many special properties will keep you more calm, more supple and more energetic than you have ever been before.

Above all, let its glorious aroma light up your winter days and make them truly special

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