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who celebrated the festival of Holi, it was a time of rapturous celebration. They feasted on a surfeit of glorious gujiyas, sweet malpuas and fragrant kheer. They smeared colours and gulal on friends and family and sipped on bhang thandai. They revelled in music and dance and took part in every one of the celebratory rituals that marked this unique festival.

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Woody flavours with a kick of spice are being preferred by an increasing number of taste buds around the world. And it’s no surprise that tea infused with a wild range of spices is becoming a rage. Having said this, one such exotic mix is the Kashmiri Kahwa, a blend of green tea leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and even saffron strands.

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A steaming pot of tea, steeped with the goodness of special ingredients and fragrant with fruit, herbs and flowers can give you a one-of-a-kind experience that connoisseurs call a “cup of happiness”. Tea lovers have learnt to enjoy different types of beautiful teas at different times of the day. They could begin with a shot of black tea to kick-start the day, a sharp Mint Moroccan at noon to keep their spirits high, a gentle floral green to soothe their nerves at 4pm and end with a lovely cup of Jasmine Mandarin at bedtime.

Do you love the idea of a varied set of pure teas for all times of the day? Read on…

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