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Golden, green, black, red, white – we’ve heard of all these types of tea – even pink (think rose). As much as we love them, considering their amazing health benefits, we’re quite used to seeing them around. But there’s’ still one type of tea, one that’s becoming a fad among tea lovers, that’s still been a little shy – the beautiful Blue Tea.

This royal blue tea is also called Butterfly-pea flower tea, as it is extracted from the mentioned flower. The sweet and floral tea will make you tea time a unique affair every time you consume a little cup. What’s even better, is that this tea is caffeine-free, making it a great choice for health conscious consumers.

Health Benefits

The antioxidant properties of this tea will benefit the health of your skin and hair. Antioxidants are also helpful in reducing levels of stress and anxiety. Yes, we’re saying Blue Tea helps keep the blues at bay!!

It also helps regulate diabetes, and controls the sugar levels of individuals with diabetes.

Did you know?

Blue tea can be so much fun! While it is blue in colour in its most natural state, the colour of the tea turns to purple when you add just a hint of lime to it. We understand your excitement here. It’s like magic!

The little joys of this tea don’t stop here. Try adding a little bit of the fuchsia roselle hibiscus, and you’ll have that brilliant blue turn to a bright red.

I know! It’s more than what we’d expect from tea

What you read here, is what you need to know for now about Blue tea. For us, it our next favourite poison. But we’d love to know of your experience after consuming this tea.

Stop your usual green and black tea right now, and get yourself the prettiest shade of blue to fill your tea cup. You won’t regret it.

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Rooibos, meaning red bush, is a smooth and delicious tisane that has been gaining popularity in recent times for all the right reasons. With a hint of velvety vanilla, this flavour makes way for more tea lovers. However, while this sweet tasting tea is like a dessert after a good meal, unlike your sweets, it is very healthy, with no addition to your calorie intake.

Here are a few benefits of Rooibos Vanilla that every tea connoisseur would rave about and that we need to start taking notice of.

1. Beautiful Skin

If you’re someone who reads the list of ingredients that goes into your daily face cream, you would notice the presence of this particular ingredient – alpha hydroxy acid. It is a common compound used in skincare, and is specially effective in treating sun-damaged skin. It also helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles, encouraging a more youthful appearance.

2. Alleviates Pain

We work for long and hard, either sitting continuously or running around, which causes inflammation that leads to bodily aches and pains. Rooibos Vanilla contains a rich amount of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties that work quickly in relaxing our muscles and any pain we might have. It’s the perfect drink for the end of a long day or if you just need to alleviate physical stress off yourself.

3. Stronger Bones

This one may seem a little unbelievable, but it’s true. Like most other pure tisanes, Rooibos tea contains minerals such as calcium, manganese and fluoride, all three of which are crucial in maintaining healthy bones. Regular consumption of rooibos tea can help prevent or control problems like osteoporosis and arthritis.

4. Better Digestion

Like most other teas, Rooibos tea is very helpful to ease digestion. A cup of Rooibos Vanilla after a heavy meal will ensure you don’t struggle for having been tempted and greedy. It contains antispasmodic nutrients, which help keep stomach aches at bay. Tannins present in this tea are known to minimize the effect of diarrhoea, a very helpful tip if you’re someone who loves to eat out, but faces problems soon after.

With the above listed benefits, it’s quite easy to see why Rooibos Vanilla is a big hit with tea lovers. It’s also a great way to get introduced to tisanes, as it tastes like a vanilla-laced dessert and goes down smooth. For people working towards a healthier version of themselves, skip the juices and bring in Rooibos Vanilla tea in its places. It won’t be long before you see a new, glowing version of you staring back when you look in the mirror

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Nothing brings in the summer as much a glass of beautiful iced tea, so why not enjoy this chilled and delicious drink every day?

What makes this drink so special? Check out this compilation of facts on this excellent beverage and make it a part of your summer routine…

What is Strawberry Decaf iced tea?

The strawberry decaf tea from the Sublime House of Tea is a refreshing black tea, decaffeinated slowly to retain its flavour and mixed with the sweet succulence of natural and ripe strawberries.

How to prepare strawberry decaf iced tea

Decaffeinated tea is known for its health benefits and when you drink it in the form of iced tea, it is both cooling and deeply satisfying. But you need to make it the right way to get the fullness of the flavours.

To begin with, use on tea bag for one cup of water. Boil the water till it is hot and let the tea bag brew in the just-boiled water until fully seeped. Allow the tea to cool. Don’t add the sugar to cold tea, though. Add your sweetener when the water is boiled and the tea is steaming. This will ensure that the sugar or sweetener dissolves completely. If you want to try a combination of flavours, this is the time to add any fruity syrup you like to make it even more delicious.

Don’t keep the teabag in the tea for too long. Most tea lovers find that ten minutes is sufficient to make a flavourful glass of iced tea. Remove the tea bag and transfer the brew to the refrigerator. Let the tea cool down completely and add ice only before serving. To make this tea extra fancy and elegant, add in some bubbly with club soda or your favorite flavored seltzer. This would be the perfect drink to go with your next barbecue cookout.

Why is Strawberry Decaf good for you?

It is full of anti-oxidants

Since strawberry decaf tea is made from black tea, it contains a number of polyphenols, like catechins, theaflavins and thearubigins. These antioxidants will promote overall health and the Theaflavins in the tea will reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Sipping on black tea that is rich in antioxidants may help decrease the risk of chronic disease and improve your overall health.

It improves heart health

Drinking black tea can also improve heart health, due to the flavones that are present in the beverage. Studies and research done by scientists now find that drinking three cups of black tea per day (even in decaf form) can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

It protects the body

New research shows that the potential health benefits of regularly consuming black tea leads to a lower risk of certain cancers and osteoporosis, due to the polyphenols it provides. Polyphenols help protect our body by preventing cell damage, supporting the immune system and fighting inflammation, among other benefits.

It can lower the risk of diabetes

Elevated blood sugar levels in your body due to excessive consumption of sugar can may increase your risk of health complications, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and kidney failure. But drinking black tea can help lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes as the catechins and theaflavins in black tea help make the body more insulin sensitive and prevents beta cell dysfunction.

It can protect your gut

A healthy gut can shield you from various stomach problems. Consuming black tea can help improve the count and variety of good gut microbes. Scientists have discovered that the polyphenols in black tea can act as a prebiotic, which can increase good gut bacteria. Polyphenols can also reduce the growth of other harmful bacteria in the gut. Decaf tea can also reduce stomach ulcers and go a long way in preventing colorectal, esophageal and stomach cancers. So, make yourself a glass of strawberry decaf iced tea and enjoy a cool, beautiful and healthy summer

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As the last warm rays of summer fade away, why not sit back and enjoy a tall glass of beautiful rose tea on your balcony or in your garden. The Rose in Bloom tea, from Sublime House of Tea is as lovely as it sounds, as it contains an exotic mélange of rose petals, liquorice, fennel and aniseed. This exceptional blend of spices and flowers gives the beverage a sweet and elegant flavour. When laced with ice, this cool and refreshing drink can relax and rejuvenate you, unlike any other beverage in the world. Why is Iced Rose Tea so special? Read on in this compilation of facts on this tea…

It helps in weight loss

Ayurvedic medicine has always used roses in its formulations. Rose tea is chock full of Vitamin C, malic acid, pectin and citric acid, all of which can help you shed those stubborn pounds in the body. The tea is said to be a diuretic as it is packed with dried or fresh rose petals and contains other special ingredients to fight unhealthy weight. As the tea can keep your digestive tract free from infections and diseases, you will enjoy the comfort of a healthy gut and a more effective digestion of dietary fats. Since it is a zero-calorie drink, you can sip on Rose-in-Bloom tea to keep your food cravings in control and keep your weight in check.

It keeps the skin radiant

Since Rose Tea is rich in antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory ingredients, this beverage is a perfect tonic for good skin. The tea also contains products that can help in collagen production which can keep age at bay and also improve the condition of your hair and your skin. A chilled glass of Rose-in-Bloom Tea can clear all blemishes on your skin and leave you with a flawless complexion that is both youthful and gorgeous.

It helps the immune system

Rose-in-Bloom tea contains a good amount of Vitamin C, which can increase the immunity in your body. This will safeguard you from several health problems and combat infections in the best way possible. Whether it is colds, tummy bugs or other nagging ailments that plague you, sipping on Rose Tea can ensure that those infections are kept at arm’s length and you are at peak health all year round.

It keeps you calm and relaxed

One of the most interesting properties of Rose Tea lies in its ability to calm down your nervous system. Iced Rose-in-Bloom can calm the mind completely and boost your own happy mood. It has a tranquillising effect and is known to balance the stress and emotional hormones in the body. Since it has so many calming ingredients, this tea is often recommended as a drink to enjoy before bedtime, so that you can enjoy a long and restful night of sleep.

How to prepare the perfect Rose-in-Bloom iced tea?

Warm a kettle with pure water and let the water reach boiling point. Pour it into a bowl with Rosein-Bloom tea bags. Let it steep for some time till the flavour seeps into the brew and the tea cools down. Then, add some ice cubes into the tea and pour into tall glasses and garnish with a mint leaf or a wedge of lemon.

Rose-in-Bloom is a wonderful tea and a tisane that is full of special properties. Let this drink be your summer staple and you should enjoy the beverage, chilled and cold, till the monsoon clouds bring in the rains and we can get ready to choose from a new repertoire of gorgeous teas for a new season.

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Rose has been associated with beauty since the old days, and even today, it is still appreciated to be the most effective and worthy to include in one’s daily beauty regime. Not only is its topical use popular, but it’s also been used in aromatherapy. However, the next in line is the consumption of this pretty flower in tea form.

Rose tea, like any other tea, contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to help aid weight loss, as it helps in maintaining a good digestive system. Also, a clean stomach reflects on the skin, and what we won’t do for glowing skin. Its detox and diuretic properties can help in keeping urinary tract infections at bay. The tea’s immunity boosting qualities means the blend can also keep you from illnesses, and keeps one in good mental and physical health, therefore relieving stress. Now, if all of this doesn’t make you want to include the sweet tasting beverage in your daily diet, we don’t know what will.

Here’s how you can make your own cup of rose tea to brighten up your day.

Requirements: Rose In Bloom

  1. Boil the required amount of water in a vessel
  2. Add four to five pesticide-free, clean rose petals to the water for a more pronounced rose flavour. Wait for aroma and flavour to permeate.
  3. Remove petals (optional)
  4. Pour water from container into cup and dip in a Rose In Bloom tea bag

Once your rose tea is as strong as you want it to be, add a teaspoon of honey. This helps bring together the rose, liquorice and anise flavours in Rose In Bloom, resulting in the most beautiful tasting tea.

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