About Us

‘Sublime House of Tea’, started in 2013 by Uzma Irfan – Executive Director, Prestige Group and Founder, Sublime Galleria, is engaged in a perennial voyage to discover newer and better experiences of imbibing the divine brew of gourmet tea, while always staying in touch with its traditions and roots that date back to ancient times. ‘Sublime House of Tea’ is promoted by the Prestige Group and Sublime Galleria.

Handpicked with care to value quality and diversity rather than quantity, Sublime’s portfolio of fine tea presents a mix of the classical, the popular and the avant-garde. From sought after bouquets such as Green Tea, Assam Tea and English Breakfast to intriguing localised brews like Moroccan Mint, and Seventh Heaven, eclectic admixtures like White Tea with Raspberry and the complex flavours of herbal tisanes like Rose in Bloom and Chamomile, there is tea to suit every palate and occasion.

‘Sublime House of Tea’ has been credited with introducing certain flavours to the Indian market that were hitherto unavailable here, including exotic brews like Seventh Heaven, Wellness Brew and Green Long Ding, which are extremely sought-after in several places across the globe. Another differentiator is that the tea is packed in pyramid tea bags, rather than the regular filter paper tea bags, thus further enhancing the taste of the tea by giving the fullness of the liquor.

Ever since it was first drunk, millennia ago, tea has been known for its beneficial effects on the human health. The ancient Chinese believed it to be useful in the treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions. In modern times, studies show that tea, especially the white and green varieties, are rich in catechins. Catechins are a variety of antioxidants that help to counter the harmful effects of free radical cells in our body and lower cholesterol levels. Drinking tea thus can potentially be beneficial in preventing diseases like cancer, neurological conditions and coronary heart diseases. Studies are being conducted the world over to determine the exact nature and extent of the benefits.

For further information on the characteristics and benefits of the different flavours available at ‘Sublime House of Tea’: http://www.sublimehouseoftea.com/

Sublime Galleria, located on the 8th Floor Sky Bridge of UB City, is India’s first Sky Gallery, founded by Ms. Uzma Irfan – Director, Corporate Communications, Prestige Group. Known for its encouragement and support of the fine arts and the performing arts, Sublime holds exhibitions showcasing the talents of not only famous artists but also of up-and-coming artists.

Strongly believing in the need to these artists, Uzma Irfan founded Sublime Galleria to help provide a platform for them to exhibit their work. She believes that fine art is an integral part of our rich culture and we should strive to keep these art forms vibrant and accessible to society.

Sublime Galleria has promoted the works of several artists across categories. Here’s a complete list of the artists that have earlier showcased their works at the gallery – Aditi Babel, Alok Utsav, Amina Shazi, Amit Sharma, Anoop H., Aparna Ganesh, Ashish Parmar, C.P.B. Prasad, Devanshi (Tina) Agarwal, Dnyati Wagh, Elena Renee Pereira, Farah Ahmed, G. Prakash Nayak, Harsha Jagasia, Jayanth B. Hubli, Joseph Cairns, Kalabhakesari, Karthik Poojappa, Manoj M. Masand, Milind Nayak, Pallon Daruwala, Pradeep Kumar D.M., Pragya Jain, Pramod Kumar Mohanty, Priyanka Gupta Agarwal, Raju Terdal, Ramesh Terdal, Ruchika K.C., Runa Biswas, Rupesh Patrick, Seshu Kiran G.S., Shraddha Rathi, Shukla Chowdhury, Simran K.S. Lamba, Sonu Mulchandani, Soraya Taher Merchant, Sripad Kulkarni, Sudeep Mukherjee, Sujata Sah Sejekan, Suman Purushot-04ham, Swati Pasari and Thota Tharrani.

The Prestige Group owes its origin to Mr. Razack Sattar, who envisioned a success story waiting to take shape in the Retail Business in 1956 itself. Since its formation in 1986, Prestige Estates Projects has grown swiftly to become one of South India’s leading Property Developers, helping shape the skyline across the Residential, Commercial, Retail, Leisure & Hospitality sectors.

Prestige Court on K.H. Road in Bangalore set the pace for the Group’s rapid growth which now stands at over 168 Completed Projects spanning a total developed area of over 51 million sqft. It also has another 65 ongoing projects comprising around 54.45 million sqft & 28 upcoming projects, totalling 33.94 million sqft., which includes Apartment Enclaves, Shopping Malls and Corporate Structures, spread across all asset classes.

Prestige Constructions, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company is the only Real Estate Developer in Bangalore to have won the reputed FIABCI Award for its software and residential facilities. Prestige was also recently awarded the Crisil DA1 Developer Rating in recognition of the quality of their projects and the ability to deliver completed projects in a timely manner, making them the ONLY Property Developer across India to have received this distinction.

Today, Prestige stands as a giant and with aggressive growth plans across the Residential, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality Sectors in Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Cochin and Chennai, lies a bright future ahead!