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The Brand

Sublime House of Tea has turned tea-drinking into a coveted experience for its steadily growing clientele by presenting perennial favourites like Darjeeling tea, Assam tea and Earl Grey tea that cater to traditionalists, as well as delightful flavours like Jasmine Mandarin, Oolong White Grapes and Rooibos Vanilla Spice that have garnered the loyalty of experimentalists. The brand has established itself as one of the leading curators of distinctive tea variants and creative infusions in India, and has also found its way to cups and hearts beyond. Sublime House of Tea is a part of the Prestige Group, a name that is synonymous with luxury and has been instrumental in redefining the concept of lifestyle in India.

Why Sublime ?

To make tea-drinking a memorable experience every time, Sublime House of Tea presents to you singularly packed, fine varieties of tea in exotic flavours that will revitalise your senses from the moment the silken pyramidal tea-bags are dipped in hot water. To keep in touch with our regular patrons and to engage with those interested in experiencing our product bouquet first-hand, Sublime House of Tea operates two tea stores in Forum Mall, Koramangala and Courtyard by Sublime, Prestige Trade Towers, Bangalore, dedicated to preserving the culture of tea-drinking in India. Stocking the best quality of the most sought-after brews like Green Tea, Earl Grey, Assam Tea, and Darjeeling Tea, Sublime House of Tea is the proud pioneer of certain striking flavours like White Tea with Raspberry, Rose in Bloom and Seventh Heaven. The clear amber or the dark red or the mild ochre liquid with its tingling aroma and unique taste is a pure delight to the senses and have been tantalising the palates of our patrons since inception.

Sublime Tea is available on various e-commerce platforms, at our own retail outlet in Bangalore, across most modern retail trade outlets and in the best hotels, restaurants and cafés.

The Founder

Ms. Uzma Irfan,
Executive Director at the Prestige Group, and
Founder of Sublime

Spurred by her desire to showcase the finest in lifestyle, visionary Ms. Uzma Irfan, Executive Director at the Prestige Group, and Founder of Sublime, UB City, Bangalore, masterminded Sublime House of Tea in 2013. Uzma has a degree in Business Administration from the American Intercontinental University, London, and has been at the forefront of several Prestige Group enterprises that have earned global acclaim and respect. Her keenness in promoting traditionally sound yet innovative ideas is apparent from the Sublime House of Tea. “The idea was to bring different kinds of world tea to an Indian consumer’s tea cup”, says Uzma. “Most Indian kitchens are now open to experimenting beyond the traditional masala chai! Our teas are curated from the finest produce in the country & crafted into unique blends that are both flavourful & healthy.”

The Tea Story

In the galaxy of beverages, the brightest star that has been shining since the 3rd century BC is the ubiquitous cup of liquid gold – tea! The scientific name of tea is Camellia sinensis, and all over the world tea is known by the derivatives of the Chinese words t’e (pronounced as tay) or ch’a (pronounced as cha), as a nod to the cradle of the tea-drinking culture. Globally renowned agencies have confirmed that over six billion cups of tea are consumed daily, worldwide, and academic studies have exemplified the numerous health benefits of tea.

Tea is packed with antioxidants, contains lesser caffeine than coffee and is known to guard its faithful lover against a host of debilitating diseases. It is the health conscious who have energized the tea market, by engaging with tea and creating demand for blends that are unique and beneficial, and the last few years have seen a huge spurt in the appreciation for tea amongst the millennials making experimentation with tea a common phenomenon across the country.

India is in the league of top five global exporters of tea with some of the best tea being produced here, and hence, it is no wonder that 89% of the Indigenous population favours tea. Tea is no longer just a cup of warm beverage to be had twice a day. It is a lifestyle statement for many, including those who take their health seriously. Though the traditional Indian chai is a sweetened and milky concoction prepared by boiling black tea, connoisseurs of tea are now appreciative of flavours and infusions that possess curative and restorative properties in equal measures.

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