5 ways to upcycle tea caddies
5 ways to upcycle tea caddies

Sustainability is the new cool and much needed now more than ever. At Sublime House Of Tea, we are all about being sustainable, eco-friendly and taking measures for a better planet and better tomorrow. A small step towards sustainability goes a long way and we are here to help you with ways one can reuse the tea tins by Sublime House Of Tea. From reusing it as gift boxes to converting into a planter, the possibilities are endless. Check out a few ways you could reuse the empty tea caddies instead of throwing them into the garbage can. Let’s get crafty and creative!

#1: Use Your Tea Tins As Gift Boxes

With the festive season just around the corner, one of the best ways to reuse the tea tins is to convert them into beautiful gift boxes. Wrap the tea tin (without the lid) with a piece of printed gift wrapping paper with floral, paisley, cute fun prints or even geometric motifs. Put your gift into the tin can and close the lid. Add a small bow to the tin lid and tada, your personalised gift is ready by reusing the tea tins.

#2: Fill Your Tea Tins With Plants

If you are someone who is called a crazy plant person or someone who is looking to add some greenery to your space, then this one is just for you. Use your empty tin cans as planters for your home garden, living space or even your study/work table. Take the tin caddie and make a small hole at the bottom for your plant to survive and not die. You can repaint the tin caddie or just cover up with a cute printed paper or get crafty with it. It is a great addition to your work space and works as a great gifting option for anyone who loves plants.

#3: Use Your Tea Tins As Junk Organisers

It is that time of the year when we go all out cleaning and organising our homes, given the festivities are just around the corner. If you are someone who loves collecting stuff or has a lot of trinkets lying around the house or your drawer, then you can easily repurpose your tea tins as junk organisers. You can use a tea tin for your screws, one tea tin to store your visiting cards, one tea tin for any other kind of useful junk that you may have and don’t want to throw away. They look cute, you can get your stuff organised plus by repurposing you are starting a sustainable lifestyle.

#4: Use Your Tea Tins As A Piggy Bank

Remember the good old days when we used to store our coins in a cute little piggy bank? You can repurpose the tin cans as adorable piggy banks that both you and your kids could use. All you have to do is either paint the tin or cover with a nice piece of paper, make a small hole on the tin can, enough for a coin to be put in and your piggy bank is ready. Or you can just use the tea tin without the lid to store the extra coins lying around the house, so that you can find some change when you need it. This could also turn out to be a fun DIY activity to involve your kids in as well.

#5: Use Your Tea Tins As A Stationery Organiser

Are you a stationery hoarder or someone who has quite a few office supplies like pens, staplers and pencils lying around the house or your office desk? Just turn your empty tins as your stationery organiser. You can use tea tins as a pen & pencil holder, a tea tin as a holder for your stapler, pins, markers and another tin for all your sketch pens, colour pencils, drawing pens. The options are just limitless. Just get creative, reuse your tea tins and get your desk more organised. Plus it would totally look Insta-Worthy!


Well, not just tins, you can also reuse our gift boxes. The Sublime House Of Tea Gift Boxes are made with lovely and subtle jewel tones using hardboard and foam packaging which makes it reusable. You can store your tea spoons, tea infusers, spices, jewellery, makeup, or just about anything without cluttering your space. With just taking these small little steps, the impact could be bigger when it comes to sustainability and also provides you with some fun activity to do while you are looking to unwind and let out the creative bird in you free. Do check out our range of teas and gift boxes that works as a great gifting option plus brings in good health.

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