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The gift box is filled with six soothing varities of luxury pyramid tea bags. The assorted gift box contains 4 luxury pyramid tea bags of each flavour. A perfect gift to give to someone special.

Dimensions: L 9″ * B 3.5″ * H 3.5″

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  1. Darjeeling Tea
    • 4 Luxury Pyramid Tea Bags
    • ‘Champagne of Teas’, it has a light, flavorful and thoroughly distinctive taste.
  2. Earl Grey
    • 4 Luxury Pyramid Tea Bags
    • Exclusive blend of tea, where select black tea leaves are flavored with the oil extracted from the rind of bergamot orange.
  3. Moroccan Mint
    • 4 Luxury Pyramid Tea Bags
    • A tea with a nippy, refreshing bite; made using green tea leaves known as ‘gunpowder tea’ flavoured with mint.
  4. Assam CTC
    • 4 Luxury Pyramid Tea Bags
    • Rich robust and flavorful; Classic Indian cup of tea.
  5. English Breakfast
    • 4 Luxury Pyramid Tea Bags
    • Full bodied and rich in flavor; Classic British Tea.
  6. Green Long Ding
    • 4 Luxury Pyramid Tea Bags
    • A soothing and refreshing cup of tender whole leaf green tea.

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