Our Philosophy

A cup of tea is a joy forever. At the Sublime House of Tea we are engaged in a perennial voyage to discover newer and better experiences of imbibing this divine brew, while always staying in touch with its traditions and roots.

The Sublime range of tea has been handpicked with care to value quality and diversity rather than quantity. Our portfolio of fine tea presents a mix of the classical, the popular and the avant garde. From sought after bouquets such as Green Tea, Assam Tea and English Breakfast to intriguing localised brews like Moroccan Mint, eclectic admixtures like White Tea with Raspberry and the complex flavours of herbal tisanes, you will find a tea with us to suit every palate and occasion.

Join us in our journey. Brew a Sublime blend, after the time honoured fashion, breathe in the distinct aroma and savour the subtle flavours. Feel the spirit course through you as you raise your sails in a cup of fine Sublime Tea.